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New PR confirmation portal



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Jun 9, 2021
Hi ,

I got my credentials. I cannot upload my photo which is 8 months old right ? I should take new photo again and upload it?


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Apr 5, 2017
i have received credentials emails .
can someone please help me answer . we are moving to new address in few days , which address should i put ? can we change address later before pr card prints ?
Happy for you finally you’ve received it.

I think you should give the new address because this is only to post the pr card and your place doesn’t affect the application.
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Mar 15, 2017
i have one more question so when you went to photographer what did you say to get the picture for and from where do u guys get picture clicked from .
we only have to upload the front picture or back also we have to upload .please help me ?
I told the photographer that it is for a Canadian passport(same requirements). You only need to upload the front as you will be the one doing the declaration.