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New PR card processing time



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Apr 6, 2022
Hello all - Since my wife who's a US citizen was already in Canada when we received 'Ready for Visa' email, I informed VAC Ottawa through the webform. They responded with a letter asking 'Proof of family member status: (TReApp ONLY) Proof that your family member is a Canadian citizen,person registered under Canada's Indian Act or permanent resident. Please provide a copy of your Spouse's PR card/ Canadian Passport. This must be received at this office by: 2022/05/10'

The issue I am running into is the fact that there's no option to upload the document as stated in the email. The email says the option to upload the document will expire in 14 days.


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Mar 1, 2021
I've been waiting since :
February 2021 applied
July 8 2021 received email application in process
December 18 2021 I called them they said PR card is ready
Now its May 2022 still have not heard from them.