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New Delhi (NDVO) 2017 - Spousal Sponsorship Outside Canada

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by steller, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. I have received pre arrival on 18 March 2018 and received remedical 17 September 2018 and nothing after that
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  2. easier in 2 ways: If you are in Quebec and If you are trying to get a Federal job
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  3. Join this Afghan whatsapp group

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  4. What is your timeline?
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  5. Nov-2017 Applicant
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  6. Federal jobs are only for citizens right ?
  7. Open for all permanent residents but they prefer Citizens.

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  8. Hii....did u travel abroad outside india after marriage? ????
  9. Feb 13 application,
    March 28 AOR
    April 9th Medicals
    April 23 file transfer
    Oct 23 Profile update
    Oct 24 DM/Pre-arrival
    Oct 24 PPR

    8 Months 10 days, thank you ndvo for quickly winding up.

    Good luck to everyone who are waiting and all the best to who already got
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  10. Yes I have traveled outside India after marriage. But I also submitted PCC for the same country.
    Feb 8th: Application
    Oct 23: DM & PA
    Oct 24: PPR
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  11. Hey guys I’m February 9 applicant n got Pre-arrival on 25 th October
    Hoping for PPR soon
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  12. Thank you !
  13. Feb 15 applicant
    Fingers crossed
    Congratulations to everyone who received DM
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  14. Thank you so much for the reply
  15. I am a Jan 17th Applicant, and NDVO started processing on April 3rd. I haven't got any update/correspondence since April 3rd. I just got a response from my local MP, he stated that Eligibility and Security are In-Process, and both have a deadline of three weeks from today (a note from the NDVO officer).

    I see that NDVO almost completed Jan Applicants, and when do you think I would get an update? Any idea how long will it take once Eligibility and Security are done? MP mentioned I am looking close to Jan 2019, or Dec 2018 for DM if I am lucky

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