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New Delhi (NDVO) 2017 - Spousal Sponsorship Outside Canada

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by steller, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Any updates today?
    Anybody bgc or dm?
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  2. nooooooooo
  3. Some update on my part
    App filed : feb
    Aor 1 : March 9
    Applied Visitor visa for wife in the meantime
    Aor 2: June 5
    DM: Aug 31
    PPR : Sept 5

    Wife already in Canada on visitor visa from June
  4. Thanks for the update.. All the best..
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  5. congrats on ur wife being with u.
    i never knew that i can apply fo visitor visa for my wife while IRCC do their thing. i was told that this could complicate my sponsorship.
    i think now its too late, i will just have to wait and see when NDVO makes the decision and give us the visa.
    how long did it take for u to get the visitor visa for your wife? How much was the cost?
  6. Thank you kindly.
    I think it took us a month for the visitor visa approval. The visa cost was 100 CAD, applied online.
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  7. which visa office?
  8. Hello friends, best of luck with your application progress. I hope everyone gets good news this month. :)
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  9. congrats bro..your wife was working when you applied for visa?
  10. new delhi
  11. no, she resigned before our marriage.
  12. no updates even today :( this is frustrating..
  13. Yes I know, I called the IRCC call center today and they said they can't give me any update because the file is in India.
    They said on average it takes 1 year so since the file is in India within 3 months that means the file doing good and all the paperwork is fine.
    So just wait and be patient.
    I am still restless and impatient.
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  14. This is their standard response so I don't call them. Relax.. It won't take a year.
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