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New Brunswick PNP

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by mrunal.dave, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. Hi All,
    To apply for New Brunswick PNP,

    1. Do I have to send all documents and forms by courier? or I can send scanned documents. If yes then share link to send scanned documents.

    2. For work experience of current organization, It is difficult for me to get experience letter from HR. Is there any other options for this issue?

    3. Do experience letters of my spouse is required for the process?

    4. Is there any in demand occupation to apply? if yes then what are those.

    5. Can my cousin sponsor me for NBPNP?

    Thank you in advance...
  2. Hi guys,

    I submitted my full application to NBPNP last Aug 2019..as per FedEx tracking, my documents arrived at NBPNP office on Aug. 28, 2019 but until now I have not received AOR or any response from them. I have read the notification in NB website stating that current clients who have not received a decision will be contacted thru email with further instructions.
    1. Has anyone here received the said reply email??
    2. Should we wait until they contact us as stated in the notification or is it okay to make a profile on thier new online system??


  3. As long as you can show proof of her maiden name (birth certificate, passport, etc.) and proof of your marriage (marriage certificate), legal document showing the name change (again, marriage certificate, and/or any other document) this should be fine
  4. Hello guys, anyone who submitted full application to NBPNP Market Labour Stream on August 16-30, 2019?
  5. Hy,
    I’m recently been chosen by PETL (directly from federal express entry) to meet labour market demand and received Letter of Interest (LOI). I just submitted my EOI with total of score of 72/100. Is this score enough to be qualified to get PNP certificate from New Brunswick ?
    Also please let me know the further steps involved to get PNP ?? Thanks
  6. Y
    Your NOC and CRS please?
  7. NOC 7312, CRS 390
  8. You received direct LOI or you submitted EOI in their system?
    Because I am also in their pool but i didn't receive anything like this yet.
    When did you receive LOI?
  9. Bro, I’ve got direct LOI by PETL. After that I’ve submitted EOI with a score of 72.
    1. Are you located in New Brunswick ?
    2. Do you have a job offer ?
    3. What’s your EOI score ?
    4. What’s your NOC ?
  10. No dear. I am outside Canada. EOI score is 74. NOC 2133.
  11. Yes
  12. Required score is 67/100, therefore 72 is a good score. Wait for ITA from NB.

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