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New Brunswick PNP Information Session Dubai, UAE...Join Here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by handsomeplayer, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. People who have attended Dubai Information session for New Brunswick can share their update and information here. Also share your mobile number for Whats App Group. We all can stay in touch for latest updates.
  2. Am I allowed to join this group if I have attended the abudhabi session ?

  3. You are most welcome this group is for UAE. So, have you submitted your documents?
  4. Yes I have submitted the documents and I got the verbal aor on 18th August. My documents were received by Sarah on 5th august. How about you ?

  5. Hi All,

    I have recieved an ITA in 19July after attending information session. Our deadline to submit our complete allpicayion was 2nd Sep. And i have already couriered all my documents to New Brunswick, they haven't received it yet.

    If there is a whatsapp group plz add me +971-506935279, tks
  6. I was also in 19th Information Session in Dubai. When you have sent your documents? I have sent mine on 15th Aug and they have received it on 19th Aug. Waiting for the AOR now
  7. I have attended the session on July 20th at 9:00 am

    received the ITA, prepared the documented that were delivered on Aug 12.

    I have received the AOR on Aug 23 and now waiting.

    The wait as per the info session takes between 3 to 4 months
  8. I also attended the session in Dubai on 20 July but I couldn't get ITA on site because I didn't have ECA at that time.
    I sent my EOI on 30 July and am still waiting for ITA.
    Is there anyone who is waiting for ITA after sending EOI by email?
  9. I have sent my documents on 24Aug mist prob it will be delivered by 29 Aug
  10. Is their another information evening planned for UAE or in the region. How did you find about the one in Aug. appreciate your support
  11. visit here regularly http://livinginnb.ca/
  12. Thanks, i visited here a month back but did not find one.. even today I don't see UAE the information evening for UAE, only London shows up. Thanks
  13. Hi All,

    Can anyone confirm when we had attended this session in dubai on 19July, CIC personal from NB had written a number in top of the ITA papper, what does that means..? Same no he had written on the EOI and kept it along with them..?

    And in some application on ETA papper no number was mentioned.

    Can anyone advise what does that means..?
  14. It means nothing. It is just to track the number of ITA issued that day.
  15. Hi
    I attended the session on 20th.
    Sent my original documents and received the AOR on the 16th of August

    Add me to the whatsapp group

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