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NEVER go in for IQAS for your ECA!

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by soubhik_1992, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Hello,

    Applying for immigration and honestly, it's total nonsense on the ECA front.

    I was led to believe that IQAS would evaluate my law degree correctly. I looked up their FAQ and yes, they did award law degree from India as the Master's equivalent - which would help me get more points.

    Hence, I went in for them.

    A BIG mistake.

    Took more than 2 months to evaluate. And finally, they REFUSED my provisional degree and cancelled the application. The reason they stated was "my degree was not awarded till my convocation takes place". Failed to explain a provisional degree is the same as a final one.

    WES, on the other hand, accepts both provisional and final degree - everyone knows provisional degrees are equivalent to final degrees. It's awarded at first by the university and, after a year or two, the final degree certificates get sent.

    Sure, WES fuck*d up too - gave me a Dual Bachelors' degree than a Master's one. I got around 7 points less, but the process was much faster. I had to nudge them twice, and they were 2 days late than promised, but they did it, and now I am just waiting for my ITA, with 465 points.

    Just wanted to let you guys know to avoid IQAS at all costs. Delayed my process by around 3-4 months in total. Others are worse and take as much as 6 months processing time!

    There seems to be no reliable evaluation agency, but if you've to go for one, WES seems to be the best bet.
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  2. Provisional is not equivalent to Actual Degree certificate. Provisional just indicates that the candidate is in process of receiving final degree.

    But Yes. These third party evaluation agencies are like "bhagwaan Bharose". One can not understand what rules they follow while evaluating the education certificate. Many of my friends got disappointed and one of them had degree from U.K.
  3. Provisional degree states that degree has been completed. Please Google. It's equivalent to final certificate. WES accepts it and so does ircc. They look for degree "completion" as provisional certi is only given on completion.

    The certificate is in the interim while the final arrives, and has all the equivalency to the final one.
  4. I got your point brother but it's depends on agencies to agencies which does evaluation and mainly what rules they have for provisional degree evaluation. For e.g. --What I am trying to say is some accept cheque and some only wants certified cheque by bank! In both the situation the amount to be paid will remain same.

    Regardless these third party ECA don't do justice to what is required for evaluation.
  5. I had a horrible experience with WES. The only reason I got my PPR is because IQAS evaluated a degree correctly while WES messed it up. It works both ways. Every situation is different.
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  6. When the situation is you have a 'Provisional degree', SKIP IQAS!

  7. Hi soubhik_1992,

    I am going through the same. would like to know which degrees you got assessed by WES and did you claim points for "two or more degrees..." under the Express Entry profile. Would really appreciate your quick response on this....Thanks!
  8. Yes, took the two or more degrees option. I haven't yet got my PPR though, just FYI.

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  9. Thanks much for the prompt reply. I have BMM and MMS degress. Do you think they can fetch me points for “ two or more degrees...” under EE profile, or will it be considered only as Bachelors 4 years as I have read that they only give points for the highest degree. Really perplexed. Please advise!
  10. Sorry for bumping an old thread, my masters degree is not recognised as masters by Wes and instead substituted with 1 year graduate study, so does it make sense to take the risk and go for IQAS for additional 7 points or stick to WES itself? please advice. People have got masters degree with IQAS for the degree i have done. Hence the confusion whether it has to be WES or IQAS? ICES is another option but i have heard they take almost 6 months and is horrible in terms of service provided
  11. Can do. See their report - IQAS tells what they will award you. Remember, they do not accept provisional certi.

    Otherwise, WES should have given you dual bachelors degree. It's just 8 points lost there. Doesn't make sense to spend money there if you don't need the points.

  12. Thanks.
    7 points will help me but confused whether iican take risk of a delay
  13. IQAS takes a hell lot of time - 3 months around. If you have 440 plus points, apply. Even 430 plus is okay. Rest, you may want to go.
  14. Ya tnx for the advice
  15. Hello soubhik_1992,
    Could you please help me with my queries since I have 2 degrees and one is hybrid pgdm.
    1. Does iqas requires acedamic request form..I heard from 3rd party agent that many university doesn't sign this form and doesn't courier directly to iqas.
    2. Do they accept package from 3rd party agent ..I am thinking of hiring them as my university is in Delhi and I am in Mumbai.
    3. Does iqas send eca report to ircc directly like Wes ! Or it's our responsibility to send electronic copy to ircc? How did u process ?

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