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May 13, 2009
Dear All,

I am going to apply following university for Master program in fall 2018.

1. York University
2. Brock University
3. University of Guelph
4. University of Windsor.

I have been working in procurement for 12 years. I neither have gap in employment nor education.

My first preference is to apply Master in Accounting program in York or Brock University.

Second is Guelph, in Master of Management. Last one is Windsor in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

I had spoken number of former students who had graduated from these universities and ranked considering university reputation, teaching quality, student satisfaction and most importantly ranking in Canada / and or world.

Do you suggest whether it is worthwhile to choose and study in Accounting? Is there any challenge to get study permit as I am working in different profession? If so, is any document or explanation may add and support for choosing this program.

Moreover, I need bring my spouse and child with me as temporary residence visa as it will be difficult for them to stay home country while I am not present. Will it be an issue to get visa? If so, how can I overcome?

I need your valuable suggestions regarding these two issues.

Sorry for long message


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Jun 18, 2017
Think you need to do a bit more research. I just looked at the York program and you would be required to do an 8 month diploma in intermediate accounting before getting admission. Brock also needs an undergraduate degree with a focus on accounting and some courses that focus on Canadian economics and finance. Seems like you wouldn't meet the prerequisites for either of these programs. I have not looked at Guelph or Windsor.

In terms of ranking of universities (not programs) I would say York, Guelph, Windsor, Brock.

Unfortunately it will be up to CIC to determine whether your family can join you. If you have the ability to financially support you family while you are studying that will help but other than that nobody can guarantee that they will get a visa to live/work in Canada while you study.