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Need your suggestions URGENT!!!

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by gagandeep94000, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Hey all. How are you ? I am an international student here in Canada. It's been a month only my school is started. As my school is going to close for 3 weeks( Christmas holidays) , i thought to apply for the visitor visa of my wife and 4 years old daughter. I have already submitted my application with documentation given below

    1. Enrollment letter from school
    2. 13k CAD in my GIC account
    3. Invitation letter mentioning about the travel plans ( My daughter's birthday is there also on Christmas which i mentioned also in letter)
    4. 12 lac INR in my wife's savings account( provided bank statements with great transactions of past 3 months.
    5. Experience letter + leave sanction letter from the school of my wife ( she is a private teacher since past 7 years)
    6. Leave sanction letter from the school of the daughter.
    7. CA report of total 1.5 crore INR as i have my own agriculture land in India.

    That's what i provided. I need your suggestions just to get relief because tension is there in my mind like i am thinking i applied too early , applied for the both as it shows ties to Canada. So what can be the visa chances? Thanks
  2. It's incredibly difficult to guess the chances of visa approvals. As you have already applied, hope they will be approved
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