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Need to know I am eligible for working in canada if I am an employee in India

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by Nitk, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    Can someone help me to get the answer for my question.

    I am an employee in Indian MNC in India and I am planning to got to Canada on dependent Visa with my wife for 6 months. So, to work in Canada on dependent Visa do I need to give resign in my current organization in India. Or if I will be on Leave without pay then I am eligible to work in Canada on dependent visa.Please suggest.


  2. There are two things... first if u want to work there, you must have valid visa which allows to work there, you have to check with authorities whether you are allowed to work on dependent visa ?

    secondly, present company job allows to work somewhere else without resigning? if yes then you can work in another company in canada, in short it depends upon your current organization's policy whether it allows you or not, nothing to do with canada immigration policy

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