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Need help

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by A guy in trouble, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone
    i am a india student who just applied for canada study permit in hurry via a agent. But got banned for five years becouse my consultant submitted fraud gic with my application.
    Now point is my father had some issues with a politicl party that is the reasn for hurry. we were attacked by them in our car. only way i have is to run to some another country becouse my family want me safe. If i get success in arriving to canada via any travel port with my identity changed then what is the process i have to go through.
  2. And i did'nt had biometrics at vfs or at canadian embassy but had at indian passport kendra. i have some mark of wounds on my right arm and back is it can act as a proof. what other things i can afford is medicle reports of incident happened with me . Point is when they process my file then they send my fingerprints to indian embassy for my background details or it will be checked by some other way. And i donot have any criminal record yet in india but have a record of misrepresentation in canada which was done by my agent , i have applied for one more chance to embassy with explanation but got a notice of iadmisibilty for 5 years.
  3. As far as I know, your inadmissible.....fraud is a crime in Canada. And entering with fraudulent documents just makes your situation worse. Most likely they have your biometrics on file, so they would pick up your fraudulent ID as soon as you enter. Even if you managed to get a claim in, India doesn’t usually produce refugees. You always have the option of Internal Flight Alternative, so your claim would stand a good chance of being denied.
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  4. ok thanx, but i didnt had biometrics at vfs globl office or at canadian embassy office then how they can get my fingerprints.
  5. You need to concentrate upon your safety and take advantage of the dozens of reasonable internal flight alternatives available in, and around, India.

    Please, do keep us informed about where you find refuge so that any others who make similar claims can also go there to live their lives in relative peace, if not prosperity. Five years on you can again apply to come to Canada!

    Maybe then you will have become the person who you pretended to be earlier without any need for fabrication.
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  6. ok
    ok thank you
    but i am planning of hiring a immigration lawyer becouse the ban on me is becouse of my agents fault and my signs on the consent form attached with my application do not match with my signs on my passport and the embassy fees was also paid by his credit card .Are there any chances of ban reverse if i get help of any immigration lawyer i know it will be expensive but something is i have to do.
  7. Biometrics were not required for India applicants prior to December 31, 2018.

    There's no connection between the biometrics you gave for your passport application versus the biometrics required for your study permit.

    You do not have any grounds to claim asylum.

    You probably seem to think that as your biometrics were not taken, you can create a new, false identity for a new visa application. Don't even try it.

    1. When did you get the misrepresentation ban?

    2. Did you sign the IMM 5476 form 'Use of representative'?
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  8. my file was submitted on 23-10-2018 but get a refusl on 21-11-2018 nd reasns are language ability and travel history but then a got a email about fake gic on 7-2-2019 then i applied for caips file and according to them a email for varification to canadian bank was send on 7-12-2018 nd this is done after about 15 days of my refusl . In actual i didnt know anything about my file thats why i requested caips nd yes there is form in my file which was signed by the owner of consultancy which submitted my file allowing thier employees to submit or withdraw my file. nd yes there are two pages in file on which their consultancy name is written with pen looks like they signed it, and my every sign in the file donot match with my signs on my passport. In reality they are my relatives and had my documents nd applied my application even without telling me nd when i visited them asking about the fake gic email they said we applied for your benifit and you have to pay after visa.
  9. First a fake GIC. Now, you want to fabricate a new identity. Your family/relatives have contributed to this deceit/misrepresentation. But, you seem to think you can get away with it.

    1. The visa office will most likely not accept your contention that you did not sign/you now claim not to have signed the application form.

    2. If your relatives applied for a study permit (without your knowledge and you claim didn't sign the forms) then how did you know this + you applied for GCMS notes? Any communication from IRCC would have been to your relatives, not you. This story does not add up.

    3. This 'I-did-not-sign-the-form-so-overturn-the-misrepresentation-ban' might seem like an afterthought strategy considering your study permit was already refused even if one does not consider the fake GIC.

    4. The fact that your documents, most importantly your passport, were with your relatives confirms that you had authorized them to apply for a study permit
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  10. You can waste money with lawyers. Your ban is extremely unlikely to be overturned.

    You are solely responsible for your application. Blaming the agent won’t work.

    If you are truly in danger, focus on getting to a safe place. Canada isn’t likely to be that place.
  11. ok my registered email account on my application is different which was created by my agent nd on my real email i recieved only two email from cic first is on 7 feb 2019 noticing me about fake gic nd this email was sent to three email ids mean three email ids are attacjed with it of mine orignl nd one created by them nd third is registered consultancy email.
    And dear it is not planned becouse i applied for gcms after getting this fake gic email in which my uci and application number is written.
  12. So do you have a US visa?
  13. 1. When did IRCC inform you that you have been banned for misrepresentation?

    2. If your relatives are ICCRC-registered, you can file a complaint against them:
  14. ok
    if i complaint then it will be heplfull for me in my case or not
  15. It might certainly lend some credibility to your claim that your relatives applied for a study permit without your consent. It may/may not overturn the misrepresentation ban. At best, IRCC may only refuse you for the study permit.

    1. Did you sign the IMM 5476 form ('Use of representative') authorizing your relatives to apply on your behalf?

    2. When did IRCC inform you that you have been banned for misrepresentation?

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