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Need help with Proof of Funds


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Mar 6, 2018
I am a single applicant and I currently have 15000 CAD in my account under three fixed deposits which are more than 6 months old. This is my salary account which is no longer receiving any salary because I switched jobs 6 months back and I also have a 4600 CAD car loan for which some amount gets deducted every month.

I have a new salary account with another bank from which I am transferring funds to my old salary account to pay the loan EMI, bills and what not so my last 6 months statement on my old account will have some random transactions and the FD deposits will not be reflected. My new salary account is currently having around 8-9K CAD and all deposits in both of my accounts are from salary deposits only and I have salary slips for all of them.

In my EE profile, I have mentioned that I will bring 14500 CAD.

What should I ask the bank to mention in the POF letter for the fixed deposits and the loan? Should I get a POF letter for my new account also and attach salary slips as a source of funds just to be on the safe side so that I am not scrutinized for my loan?