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Need help to apply visitor visa for kids

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by kaviraj251, May 21, 2018.

  1. Hi Bryanna / Seniors,

    Hope all is well

    I have a question regarding children visitor visa.

    I want to apply visitor visa for my kids who are 1.5 and 6 years old. Since we(parents) already have Canada TRV but not visited yet and we are planning to visit all together this summer.

    Can you please guide me what documents do I need in order to apply for that ?

    Where should I upload our travel history and Canada trv visa copy in the online application for kids since they have not any travel history.

    What should I mention in the explanation letter as previously while applying our ( parents ) trv we had mentioned that kids were staying with grandparents.

    Which is better way of applying online or paper application ?

    Any suggestion/useful information is much appreciated
  2. You would need to include the same/similar documents that you had submitted for your TRV applications i.e. proofs of financial resources to pay for a visit for yourselves and the kids + your strong ties to your home country + why you need to return home by a specific date, etc.

    You can also include an authorization letter/consent letter signed by the other accompanying parent (who is not applying on behalf of the kids), just in case + copies of passports of both parents.

    I'm assuming your older child has been accepted for school (Grade 1). You must include evidence of this (admission + tuition fee receipt + school brochure/website + a letter from the school stating s/he is a bona fide student and is allowed to travel from XX to XX dates if you plan to visit mid-term).

    Nothing to be uploaded for travel history as the kids have not traveled abroad. You can submit a cover letter that has your TRVs/UCI Numbers.

    Travel plans can change. I would focus on proving that you/your spouse have very strong ties to your home country.

    It's a matter of personal preference
  3. thanks for the confirmation
  4. I am applying online for both the kids . So kindly confirm if I created 2 different online accounts or apply in single account for both the kids ?
  5. Either parent can apply through the parent's online account on behalf of the kids
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  6. thanks for the confirmation
    if the
    Can I create my new online account or use old account in which we had applied?
    Can I apply for both the kids together in my same online account ?
  7. Both accounts are good to use.

    Yes, you can
  8. I am applying for children trv online.
    What should I upload in column in a folder asks for "Proof of Relationship" to the host or family since we have attached invitation from my wife's cousin brother and we have no proof of relationship with him ?
    Can I upload my children's birth certificate to establish relationship with me ?
  9. Yes
  10. So it is okay to upload my children's birth certificate there in the folder asks for ''Proof of Relatiohship" to the host or family

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