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Need Help! Pregnant after ITA


Nov 12, 2014
Hi there,

It's our second time applying for PR, first time got rejected because invalid information. We just received ITA, however this time situation is different because my wife is pregnant. Its her 11th week or pregnancy. I have 2 questions:
1. We have medical report from first application that is valid for 3 more months. Should we use it or do another one?
2. Should I indicate upcoming child anywhere in documents? Before ITA I only mentioned 2 ppl applying for PR.

If there is anything else I can do, or might miss in PR application, i would kindly appreciate any help and suggestions.



Hero Member
Aug 13, 2017

You can apply with the current medical report and write a letter to the case officer explaining the current situation.
If they can come up with a decision on your application by the time this medical report expires, you will not have to do another one.
If it expires while they are processing your file, they will probably ask you to redo the medicals which will probably delay your application.

Either way, this pregnancy is not an 'issue' on your application and you should not worry about it for a single moment.
Prepare your documents and submit the file with relevant information. CIC will judge your application based on the merits of your submitted documents, nothing else.

Good luck with your application and baby!