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Need Help in knowing how to invite spouse to Canada from India.

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by vmiit09, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am looking for some help in knowing how to invite my fiancee to Canada. I am currently an open work permit holder with Canadian education(Masters) and I am working in Canada.

    I have talked to many people and many people told me to marry first, then invite. I am planning to do a court (legal) marriage the next month, I wanted to ask you people, how can I apply for my spousal work permit and what is the processing time. I am getting married officially in November this year and I would want her to accompany me after our marriage (with rituals).

    I have another question, I am planning to apply for permanent residency for me and my wife. What do you think, if I can apply for the permanent residency in the same time.

    Please suggest and advise.

  2. Your fiancée can attempt to get a TRV before you get married but that is your only option. Once you get married receiving a TRV will be very hard. She would have to be able to show strong ties to India like a longterm good job, savings, property in her name, etc. Applying for sponsorship with just a court marriage without doing the ceremony can result in your sponsorship being refused. iRCC agents are aware that you wouldn’t be considered married in many countries without the ceremonies. Would recommend you apply after the ceremony.

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