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Need help: First time tax file, CCB and GST/HST credit

Discussion in 'Canadian Finance and Taxation' started by jojee2k6, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Hello Seniors, I landed with family on WP in march-2018, with wife as sowp and 5yo son. Soon I wud b receiving T4 from employer, I can't register mycra as firsttimer, how can i file tax returns? By simpletax/turbotax? Secondly I also need to apply for CCB of 5yo and wife' GST/HST credits as of income limit we qualify, I am single earning. We are all on TRV and have renewed WP for 3 more years. After march we will apply for PR as CEC inland as well. Please help me in detail, how should we do this all above...and by end of march, we are also expecting new baby arrival a canadian child. So have to do CCB for new one too. And we are also living in rented apartment...please assist in detail..thanks in advance!
  2. You don't qualify for CCB. If you need help doing your tax return, you should hire a tax preparer or accountant.
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  3. Thanks @canuck_in_uk always being very supportive, I suppose its because of 18 months residency restriction for TRV, right? But can do GST/HST Credits? Secondly newborn will be canadian so will do for him, right?
    Can't I use simpletax or accountant is the only option?
  4. CCB depends on the parents' status; your child's citizenship is irrelevant. You will not get any CCB until after 18 months.

    You don't need an accountant. You can do it yourself. I suggested you get help because your questions indicated that your knowledge of the tax system is minimal.
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  5. Thanks, understood well... will go for accountant, you are right I never did tax returns in other countries as was exempted from tax. Also canadian tax system knowledge is zero. Many thanks again!
  6. You don't need an accountant. You can use a tax preparation service.
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  7. Great, you motivated me, should i use simpletax or turbotax or anyother, i doubt though any wud suffice...
  8. You can use any of the tax prep software, however, you cannot file online. You need to send in your tax return by mail.
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  9. So even after using simplextax or similar softwares, eventually do i have to send by mail?
  10. Unless CRA has all your info on file, which is doubtful since you are a first timer, you need to file your return by mail. Once you have done it once, you can file your future tax return online.
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  11. Yes they don't have, so will do by mail via consulting with accountant. Thanks a lot, all clear!
  12. Ufile is another good option. Gets a bit more complicated if you are dealing with investments and other currencies but for most it is pretty simple and software makes it easy. Save your money unless you really need an accountant.
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  13. Thanks! I really don't wanna do it via accountant, moreover my tax return is simple, based upon T4, no other investment no other currency, single earning person in rented apartment with 5yo child.
    So if i do it via UFILE, after that i have to mail to CRA too? Or ufile suffice as it will be online..kindly explain
  14. Just another software system.
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  15. Now i got it, so either you can do manually by filling out forms and mail to cra or u can do it via netfile certified softwares online. Thanks will fo via ufile! :)

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