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need help! Current country of residence, status and dates

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by KatiZet, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. hi everyone! Finally sending my sponsorship application tomorrow and last thing came to my mind when i re-checked all the papers, maybe someone more experienced could give me advance on that. On imm0008 as well as on the imm5710 there is a question about current country of residence + status + date from ... to .... . So my current country of residence is canada from february 2018. My status was worker from feb 2018 to feb 2019. Then visitor (i extender my stay). Can i put status as „other” and brief explanation like „worker then visitor” in the space provided plus explanation on extra page? Or should i put „visitor” only? But if yes, what would be the date „from” - feb 2018 or feb 2019? Thank you for the advice :)
  2. Status: Visitor. From/to the date mentioned on your visitor record...
    Good luck.
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  3. Put Feb 2018 and visitor. They will be able to see your previous in the system anyways. That question is more for people in other countries.
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  4. thank you!
    As you suggested, I'll put visitor, in "from" feb 2018 and I'll explain in the extra sheet (I had to to add extra explanation about other question anyway, so it's no harm to add this) that i was worker feb 18 - feb 19 and then visitor feb 19 until 11 august (my current visitor record expires that day).

    I guess that the fact that during all that time i went abroad to see family or for vacation with my partner doesn't matter, because it doesn't change the fact Canada is my country of residence for year and a half now? (and there is separate question for last entry to Canada)

    Thank you for your answer! Please let me ask you one more question (last one - my application absolutely has to be sent tomorrow :) )

    Employment history of sponsor
    My partner has all the employments details for the last 4 years with salary and everything. But he doesn't remember the details of one job, which is literally on the border of "past 5 years" - it was student internship for 3 months during summer 2014. What is better:
    a) to not mention this employment at all (just put unemployed) - that's what my partner says, me I'm not sure - if it comes out isn't it misrepresentation, and could it have negative impact on our case? (he's canadian citizen by birth, so i don't know if there are consequences, he can't be banned from Canada)
    b) mention it and put estimated salary (he remembers only that "it was not too much, like minimum salary for students") and add brief explanation that he doesn't have any documents stating how much he made and that he actually called that place but they said they don't have that info
    (i don't know if it changes anything - we are based in Quebec)
  5. List the job. Never exclude anything when you know about it. It's fine if he can't remember exact details. IRCC is not going to call the old employer to ask.

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