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Need help - Conventional refugee

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Addie, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. Hi, I am a conventional refugee (designated protected person by IRB) and have the following questions in mind;

    1. If I wish to withdraw my protected person status believing I do not have prosecution of life, can I do that? If Yes, I have also done a masters degree from University of Ottawa and I am eligible to file my case under PNP for ontario. Can I do file my case in PNP for Ontario after withdrawing from the protected person status?

    2. Second hypothetical scenario that I am asking about a friend of mine, who is also a conventional refugee, and currently studying with me at University of Ottawa. If he wishes to withdraw from his protected person status, will he be sent back to his home country or will he be let to complete his education at University of Ottawa, as his Master program is a two year program and because of his father's falling health he wishes to withdraw from his protected person status and visit his father for atlas 2 weeks, but he fears whether he will be allowed to re-enter into canada as a student, as he also has a study permit and is studying at University of Ottawa?

    I will be really grateful, if somebody could answer these questions.

    Many thanks

  2. 1. You can withdraw and apply under PNP. However you can expect to have to return home and wait out the processing of your application in your home country. Note that any work experience gained while a refugee application is in progress typically cannot be counted as experience towards any Canadian immigration program.

    2. To the best of my knowledge your friend can remain in Canada and complete his studies. However I wouldn't leave Canada. It's possible he may have challenges re-entering. Holding a study permit doesn't guarantee you will be admitted back to Canada.
  3. Many thanks for the response Scylla.

    For 1. If I have a post grad work permit, and I withdraw from protected person status, and file PNP, would I still be sent to home country, even though when I have a valid work permit and probably a good job in Canada?

    For 2. If my friend gives up his protected person status, he will automatically need to get on student visa with the study permit in hand, should he be okay to continue his studies after giving up protected person status and continuing his studies as a student, and visiting his home country and entering and exiting providing he has a valid student visa for Canada?
  4. Help Help!
    Does anyone knows how to withdraw accepted refugee claim? I am a conventional refugee with a positive decision and I want to withdraw my protection status as I don't feel threatened anymore in my country because of the change in governance. Any one with the same story please share up.

  5. You can certainly withdraw you claim. There is no one forcing you to remain in Canada and there is always the possibility, as in your case, that the risk in your home country no longer exists.

  6. Do you know how the steps work? Any recent experiences you know? The link you sent me talks about withdrawing refugee claims before the hearing day. I had a hearing in April and I got a positive decision
  7. I am in the same boat with you
    I want to withdraw my protected status and just go back home as i no longer fera prosecution
    If you are in Toronto we can help each other
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  8. Hi,
    First of all you have to be 100% sure of your decision as there is no stepping back after you apply. Plus it will be closing the door for entering Canada, My mother and brother are still and Canada and since I withdrew my status and went back and I am not able even to get a visa to visit them, they are rejecting it.
    My dicision was an emotional one more that it was a mental one, and frankly I didn’t like Canada that much specially that everyone around me was planning to take the nationlity and leave, talking of how they didn’t like it too, but I do miss it sometimes.

    It was a headache to find who to approach as apparently Official offices in Canada are not linked and no one can direct you or tell you anything.
    I went to my lawyer and he didn’t know where should I go and they they were like go here and there and every place I went too they told me it’s not from there side including the CBSA.
    I sent lot of emails and letters with no answer.
    In the end I went to the CIC office in Toronto meet a lady called Patresha Puzeda who interviewed me and tried to make sure of my decision, asked to book an airplane ticket, signed some papers, and within two weeks all paper work was finished and they gave me back my passport on the gate to the air plane.
    And that was it I was back home.

    Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with

  9. Cic office was on yonge and st. Clair as I remember

  10. Thank you for your response
    Will try my best to get back home
  11. Just went there and they didn't let me in
    It's not open for the public
  12. Hi, Thank you so much for your information. I went to IRCC and talked to them and they told me to go back to the office with a flight ticket.
    I am a little concerned about the flight date. Can I book it any day after my appointment ? Like a day after, two days after. I received a letter from the lady but the letter doesn't state anything about the flight date. One I give them the flight ticket by next week, can I travel after that or is there any process?
  13. Hi again,
    Your guidance was so helpful. I went there immediately after reading your answer. I told my case to the lady , she gave me a letter to bring it back next week with other documents and a flight ticket. Can I make my flight immediately after my appointment? the letter doesn't sate anything. Or should I make my flight day at least one week after my next appointment. She only told me to return with the letter and flight ticket.

    Thank you
  14. Please help me out
    I went to 55 st. Clair office and they didn't let me in and I was told that it's not open for public
    Was your passport seized by cbsa or ircc

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