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Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by Rafaelchan002, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. so basically my mom and dad were working on a cleaning under this name let say call her "E" so at first since my dad is already working 50hrs work per week. hes looking for another job and this E offered my parents
    a job that she said she will pay my parents cash for a cleaning job(cash means like no tax just cold cash).. so months and months have passed and now its almost time for tax year.. this girl "E" suddenly told my parents that she forgot that she need to tax my parents and suddenly gave my parents T4 that consist all of my parents work before(sorry for english) which made my dad really really not happy..

    now my parents said that "well you didnt said about this before now you suddenly bring it up because you forgot it?.. so are we gonna pay for what you call mistake that you forgot to tell us now were gonna pay all the tax on t4. because if this was the case we could have not taken the job at all" (BTW my parents went to the tax and the taxfiller said its gonna cost my parents almost 5K). now my parents said we are just gonna quit this job since your gonna start taxing us now..+they want that "E" to pay that t4 that she forgot to tell my parents..so now this "E" is asking for my parents SIN number so she can file it but my parents refused give it since she didnt say anything about taxing us before so i think its basically "E"s fault.. now she texted my parents saying "Im gonna file your tax and CRA and i dont need your SIN number because i can just pay CRA 100dollars and it will reflect on your taxes"

    so we need help and my question was

    is that true that she doesnt need my parent's SIN and just file it for 100dollars??
    and since were just victim here that she told at first that its a COLD cash and now at the end she decided that we need to pay tax on t4.. is this fully our fault?
    whats the best way to deal with this situation.. because 5000dollars is big
  2. Your parents aren't victims. They were happy to work illegally and have zero excuses. They will have to pay their tax bill.

  3. but the thing is now that E suddenly just said she wants my parent to tax even tho they initially said its just gonna be cash.. i dont know if its illegal but the thing here is "E" is the one who told my parents first that its just gonna be cash.. and as it said in the link it needs to be within 3 days.. but its been almost 6 months and she said its gonna be cash.,,. is there anything we can do that she changed her mind after 6months?? rather than 3days?

    its like were paying that 6months that we thought its "CASH" that she just decided to tell us after 6months because apparently "she forgot it" then we wouldn't have accepted the job in the first place

    so the key thing here is that they promised my parents certain rate of pay or cash.. so they worked on that understanding.. i dont think its fair to just go back and re-arrange on it after the work has already been done. then probably my parents would never have agreed to do the work at that rate..
  4. Again, they were happy to work illegally and now have to deal with the consequences of their own stupid actions. They have no legal basis to go after the employer.
  5. Your parents were breaking the law by trying to work under the table and even though the employer wanted to break the law too, they changed their mind and decided to pay them legally.

    Your parents can not sue the employer for deciding to do things legally.

    They could however sue the employer if the employer was for example paying them less than minimum wage or in other ways not obeying the labour law in their province.
  6. Your parents engaged in illegal work and have learned an expensive lesson in breaking the law. Going forward, don't work for cash. Problem solved.

    They need to declare their cash earnings in their CRA returns and pay tax on these earnings.

    Fair doesn't apply when you break the law.

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