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Need Guidance for Morden City Immigration - Manitoba

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by smilewinnipeg16, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. I have seen a Morden Immigration system exists in Manitoba. Some people have mentioned a skype interview. I don't understand are these don't get exploratory visit and simply gets conducted an skype interview OR what is the exact procedure.

    As I have no friend, siblings in Canada and I have never studied as well in Canada. I am willing to apply for Morden Immigration and my NOC is 2221. Anyone please tell me what are the chances for getting invited. Do invitation confirms a nomination or it works.

  2. Hello SmileWinnipeg16. Did you get to apply? The Skype interview is conducted in the selection phase and is different from the exploratory visit which is mandatory once you are selected.
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  3. So it means once I apply afterwards I will get an skype interview and further for an exploratory visit invitation..Is this the process how it works?
  4. Hi Canada Frenzy, are you already landed in Morden?
  5. Skype interview is an initial screening where ur NOC will be validated as well as your work experiences ( it is very casual discussion), what I observed is that who ever go to Skype interview will also do the EV.

    EV is where you visit Morden and have the feeling of the community and decide if the place fits to your family to live. The idea is study the cost of living, employment opportunity, community facility (school, Hospital, recreational and residential place) and expected life style. at the end of the visit, there will be an interview in Winnipeg by the PNP officer. for me, the interview is for them to know if you are really fit to the program of Morden .
  6. Ok Thanks for information.... Can you tell me how many points one get if have job offer from Canada?
  7. No I have yet to apply..

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