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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by CANADA IMMIGRATION, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. All NDVO PNP Applicant's,

    Let's connect here who received the Medical Request from NDVO and awaiting for PPR.
  2. Hello everyone, below is the timeline with MPNP
    Fyi, Destination City is Winnipeg, MB.
    NOC:- 6552
    Visa Office is New Delhi, India.

    1. EOI (Expression of Interest):- 28 August 2015
    2. Letter of Advice:- 10 September 2015
    3. MPNP Application submitted online:- 29 September 2015
    4. Sponsor/Supporter's telephonic interview:- 17 February 2016
    5. Confirmation of Nomination (Province):- 4 March 2016
    6. Application (paper) for Permanent Residence sent to CIC Nova Scotia:- 06 May 2016
    7. Application Received by CIC Nova Scotia:- 01 June 2016
    8. Confirmation for receiving in email:- 17 August 2016
    9. File Transferred to local Visa Office (New Delhi, India):- 11 October 2016
    10. Medical Request:- 16 December 2016
    11. Medical Done:- 19 December 2016
    12. Asked to pay RPRF (Right of Permanent Residence Fee) + Scanned copy of Passport:- 19 December 2016
    13. Paid RPRF + sent scanned copy of passport + scanned copy of eMedical tracking sheet (given by physician): - 20 December 2016
    14. Medical Passed (changed status is MyCIC account):- 24/25 December 2016
    15. Passport Request awaited
  3. I am also waiting for PPR, medical done on 21 Dec 2016.

    In Mycic account the status shown is "Not available at this time". Why is that? Is this common?
  4. I am assuming you are referring to the Medical Results column of your eApplication on the CIC online account. If that's what you mean then keep checking the status regularly, if the physician you hired uses the eMedical medium (common with most) of sending medical reports to CIC then CIC should be receiving the results soon. Once reached, CIC is likely to update the status to 'Received' (first & then passed) or might as well to 'Passed' once and for all.
    Correct me me if I assumed it wrong.

    Did you pay the Right of Permanent Residence Fee already? Has there been any demand of additional document(s) since the time application was sent to CIC Nova Scotia? Did you notice any scrutiny done by New Delhi Visa Office pertaining to the application process?

  5. Dear all please find my timeline below.

    B.Tech, M.Tech, EMBA & MBA
    WES: Done All 4 Degrees

    Certifications: MCSA, MCSE, VCA6, VCP6,

    Designation: Networks Manager
    Canada NOC: 0213
    Experience: 10 Years
    Current Company: IBM India
    Visa Office: New Delhi (NDVO)

    Journey/Timeline for Canada:
    Provincial Stage:

    SINP OID: 3rd January 2016
    Inprocess: 10th May 2016
    ADR: 17th May 2016
    Inprocess: 26th May 2016
    Nomination: 14th June 2016

    IRCC/Federal Stage:

    Application to CIO: 14th July 2016
    1 AOR: 3rd November 2016
    2 AOR: 9th December 2016
    Medical: 17th December 2016
    RPRF: 19th December 2016
    Medical Done: 29th December 2016
    Medical Passed: 04th January 2017
    RPRF Paid: 05th January 2017
    PPR: Awaiting
    Landing: Immediately after PPR
  6. i have the same timeline as JATTS..
    GOT MR REQ ON-16 DEC 2016
  7. Dear when should I expect the change of status of medical examination in my cic account??
    Medical Examination Date: 07.01.2017
    I sent RPRF FEE Receipt+PASSPORT SCANNED PAGES on 30.12.2016 and e-medical tracking sheets on 08.01.2017 respectively as a reply to original email sent by NDVO on 23.12.2016 (IMM1017 forms) and 28.12.2016 (RPRF and Passport photocopies request).
    Now WHAT will be updated in medical examination in mycic account i.e. medical received or medical done or medical passed and WHEN?

    Kindly reply
  8. Guys any idea when can we expect the PPR as we have done the medicals and it's showing passed status.
    Any prediction etc. Appriciated.
  9. I think we all got an email at the time of file transfer (to local visa office, NDVO here) and the suggested time to complete the evaluation of application was 6 months. I believe that's probably how long we may have to wait.
    Rest, things can turn up earlier too, few people I know tell from their experience that it's a matter of few weeks after the medical exam results.

    Let's hope for the best.
    Anyone else who can suggest, please do!
  10. Good to know
    All the best!

  11. If we have already submitted the original PCC when the time of initial application to CIO do still we require to send the PCC again as per the email In which it says "If you have not yet done so" please provide the police clearance certificate.

    Guys could you please shade some lights on it. I confirm I have not sent the PCC with the email just forwarded the Passport copies RPRF receipt attached that's it. And mentioned I have already submitted the PCC along with the application package to CIO.
  12. You did the right thing, however, it will be good if you again provide them the PCC separately this time. PCC is probably what they are most into at this stage of application. You can either send a scanned copy as the email suggests or send the original PCC (assuming you got two from the passport office) via post to the address mentioned in NDVO email signature. Remember, save a scanned copy for yourself in case you decide to send the original document.

    *Just like you I realized it later and had to send it via post, why post? I like the old school sometimes.

  13. Waiting for DM and PPR. Timeline in signature.
  14. Jai Guruji nice to see your signature details, I just wanted to confirm with you along with RPRF fees did you re-submitted the new PCC to NDVO as in the RPRF email it's mentioned that if you have not yet done so, please submit the PCC. Kind request shade some lights on it.
  15. Hello, no I did not submitted my PCC's again, as the email only said, "if you have not yet done so", but I had already submitted my PCC's with my initial application. So I thought submitting again may create confusion. Let us hope everything goes through well for all of us who are waiting for PPR from NDVO.

    Jai Guruji. :)

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