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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by slubscrown, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. Good morning guys!. i just receive a JOB OFFER FROM FMI GROUP in canada

    NBPNP Processing Fee Payment – Skilled Workers (NBPNP-011SW) this is the 1st item on the checklist am just wondering where can i pay the processing fee i live in the PHILIPPINES.
    also i am a 25 year old without enough money on the bank as in i cannot provide any information for the Personal Net Worth Statement Form (NBPNP-007) should i just input N/A on this form? thanks for the answer guys
  2. You could pay using your credit card or request a demand draft in $CAD from bank payable to the minister of finance and send it to NB
  3. What is noc?? Sorry
  4. K lang. National Occupational Classification (NOC).
    The NOC is a system used by the Government of Canada to classify jobs (occupations).
  5. ahh ok thanks am hired as a SHIFT SUPERVISOR sa isang fast food chain
  6. Where can i pay the NBPNP Processing Fee Payment ? here in the PH do i stand a chance? i cant put anything in Personal Net Worth Statement Form
  7. Sorry man, one of the pre requirements to be eligible to apply is to have at least $12,164 as readily available funds, for at least 6 months. That's what the province and the federal government requires as minimun funds to be eligible to immigrate.

    The fee can be paid online, using credit card. But if you can't put anything on the personal net worth form, how do you expect them to accept you?
  8. ok thanks for the info, even though am applying with employer support? and where did you saw this requirement would like to check it as well thank you for replying sir
  9. Well then, that's a totally different case. Nt employer support you mean you have a job, and already are in New Brunswick, is that right?

    The requirements can be found in the province's website. Just google it and u'll find pretty easily
  10. Go to

    Read guide to Skilled worker applicant with employer support

    Hope this helps

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