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NBPNP-EELMS 2015 Filipino applicants join here!!!

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by fjd2011, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Hi AIA, thanks for the reply...nakatanggap ka ba ng email for confirmation ng registration? until now kasi wala pa akong natatanggap, this coming Sunday 27 November 2016 na kasi ang schedule ko. Registration lang ang meron ako. Normally what time at saang venue ang info session?

    Congratulations to all who got their PPR na!!!!
  2. Ako po nakareceive . Kahapon Lang.. Question po pede KO isama husband KO diba??
  3. Hi lhenzph, thanks for the info. Kailan ang schedule ng info session mo? 26 or 27 November? Sa November 27 kasi ako at till now wala pa akong email for confirmation ng registration.
  4. Hi All,

    I've noticed na for the last few weeks medyo tahimik ang forum especially for nominations and ADR. Does anyone have an idea kung na reach na ang quota for this year?

    Anyone passed their ADR recently & still waiting for nomination? How long have you've been waiting?
  5. Sa Sunday po. Nov .27 merun po nag email Sa akin Na company from Canada Na mag send ng resume .. Sa manufacturing industry po.. Sila yung pupunta Sa event ..
  6. I've sent my 2nd adr almost a month ago, and still waiting for nomination.
  7. Hi! Im a newbie here. May I just ask regarding dun sa seminar, pag ibang profession po, hindi talaga pwede? =(
  8. Hi lhenzph, you mean yung email from Canadian company is considered as confirmation na to attend the info session? What time po at saan ang venue? Or yung pre-registration is valid na rin to attend?
  9. Also waiting for a response after sending my ADR response and docs..
  10. When did you send your ADR? Did they acknowledge that they received your ADR?
  11. Looks like there have been no nominations lately. Hope they'll resume soon.

    I'm also been waiting for Nomination after ADR sent last Oct 31st.

    Best of luck and more prayers!
  12. Bali 3 emails na received KO.1st email is yung Pag nag register ka. 2nd email from company Sa Canada to send resume po..3rd email yung confirmation to attend the session with the date and location

  13. Good Luck po
  14. Thank you im_a_banker, firstrunnerup, Arvinvtiangco, smm_0411, lordhades
  15. Uy congrats!! :)

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