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Name Split in Passport, COPR and PR Card

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by keypad, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. Sorry, I couldn't understand which part of the form you are talking about. You need to fill this form to start your legal name change process in BC.

    and you should be living in BC for at least one year.
    No need for any newspaper advertisements if you are just splitting your name.
    I started my passport process after getting the new PR card and attached a copy of the same with the application. A few people applied before getting their PR card, though I am not sure what supporting documents they attached with their application.
  2. Thank you for your reply.I just came to know that the duration of being staying in bc before applying for name change has reduced to 3 months.And after filling the form ,do we directly go to vital Statistics office?I had a talk with 2 customer service representatives and they confused me,after filling the form and getting the fingerprints,should i visit vital Statistics Vancouver directly or there was written on website service bc representatives can witness your signature,do we need to go to service bc too?or it is done at vital Statistics too?I got pretty confused regarding these.Would be highly grateful if you could help me clear on this?
  3. Yes, you are right. They have changed the one-year requirement to only 3 months.
    After getting fingerprint verification, you can either go to service BC location and get your documents attested and submit the application there.
    Or you can get the attestation done with any Notary Public and mail your application to Vital Statistics.
    No need to go to the Vital Stats office, they don't collect the applications there.
    Everything is mentioned in the application form.
  4. Hello snitin,

    I am in the process of completing the name change process for my wife. her Indian passport is now updated with splitted name XX - YY as required . And we are filling out the Legal name change for Ontario.

    1. Was there any police verification / background check needed to be done ?
    2. Did you have to go to the office of the commisioner of oaths for signing that form ?
    3. What documents were required to submit at the Service ontario ?
    4. In your post, i read you mailed the documents.
    So did you send a certified copy ?

  5. Hey Keypad,

    I see your comment on the Step 3 for sending a copy of the certificate to HIBC

    I am working on the same name change process from Ontario. HIBC is the equivalent of OHIP
    Do i need to send something to them, or it gets all updated together in Service ontario ?

    Any information will help.

    Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello nitash.agrawal,

    I can't comment on this. This may or may not be the requirement for OHIP. I have got experience with the HIBC only.

  7. Hi,
    Could you tell me what explanation you gave to split your name in Indian passport. I am going to renew my passport tomorrow and I have to prepare a lor for the name split. After I receive my new passport I am going to be applying for my PR, health card etc and I want to apply them with the split name. Please advice.
  8. Hello nancyjean - When we filled out the Indian passport renewal form, we mentioned in the section "How your name should be displayed"
    Reason :
    Splitting name for First name + Last name , for proper documentation.

    There was no issues / questions raised.
    The passport was updated with correct name and returned within 10 days from embassy / BLS

    Hope this helps!
  9. Hi, Do I have to submit any documentation? I saw in the BLS website that I need to submit a LoE for the split. Did you submit LoE? If yes, I was wondering any specific reason you mentioned in your letter. I dont have any documentation since whatever I have I followed as per the current passport name. If I just say that when I apply for PR and other things I dont want surname to be blank hence splitting the name? something like this can I give as reason? Thanks

  10. Hello Nitin,

    What are the forms required to be submitted @ Service Ontario / Service Canada.

    In the process, we have received the LEGAN NAME CHANGE CERTIFICATE
    with FIRST AND LAST NAME separated.

  11. @snitin11 - Thank you so much for posting process. This is really helpful. I am filling the name change form right now. I have recevied the Canadian Citizenship and want to have the name changed before surrendering my Indian passport.

    I have a quick question. In the name change form, what did you answer for the question "Why do you want to change your name" question.

    Currently, my name is written as XXXXX YYYYY in the last name field on my Canadian Citizenship certificate. And XXXXX YYYYY written in the given name field for my Indian Passport.

    Any help would be highly apprecited.

  12. Hello Harpreet,

    I recall filling this for my spouse on the Indian passport for the name split

    Why do you want to change your name:
    We would like to split the name to correct all documentation and synchronize them in accordance to my correct First and Last name.
    At present, this is incorrect on my current passport with the entire name in the "First Name" section.
    Please do the needful

    Hope this helps!

    ~ Nitash
  13. This was completed - FYI for others

    1 form of name change was required along with the legal name change certificate
    They updated the OHIP and Drivers License
    New documents with correct name will be mailed in 4-6 weeks

    Hope this helps!
  14. Thanks a lot Nitash. Really appreciated.

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