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MYCIC problem

Discussion in 'International Students' started by kaursukhwant, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. I got this email from CIC today.

    Dear Client,

    Thank you for contacting the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Call Centre’s e-Services Unit.

    The Request for Initial Eligibility Verification is currently unavailable. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

    Please try again later.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


    Citizenship and Immigration Canada
  2. Hi,

    1. Most likely, you forget to enter client id number as indicated on your SP. Create new account.
    2. And, enter name as indicated on your "study permit", not passport.
  3. Hi,

    1. Click on "I Agree", enter your name (signature) as indicated on your SP, not Passport.
    2. Or, you are done. If you click again, you will be directed to the same page. Wait for EVN.
  4. Hi,

    1. You are done when you signed at first. No document checklist required for OCWP. Wait for your EVN, enter it on IMM 5581/upload online/pay fee.
  5. Hey
    Appreciate your effort to help and guide others, but this really is a genuine problem at CIC's end. There are many people facing the same issue, including me. And, they have acknowledged the problem in their reply to my email, which is the same standard thing they said to orange_girl. Thanks anyway!
  6. Same deal here..I don't know what's going on with the cic website, but few of my friends who tried to get the EVN number before Sept 1st were successful. As for me I have tried to get the EVN since Friday morning but still no progress until now. A bit strange though because there's no official information from the CIC regarding the problem as if nothing goes wrong..
  7. Got the same e-mail as orange girl, perhaps we'll get a solution soon.
  8. My College updated us with this:

    CIC Issues

    Looks like CIC will be completely shut down tomorrow to fix their issues…

    Good luck with your Saturday applications!

    Hope this helps...
  9. Dear Friends ,

    i have question about TRV application i am applying from London CHC for September 2013 session if my application for TRV Successful how long its validity and if i fly December 2013 is that effect my entry to port of Canada. also if i deffer my course for September 2014 after TRV Success how its work .

    also if i enter in Canada in December 2013 and my course start in September 2014 i will have 9 month left so in this time can i do job out of campus ? what are the prospects of jobs out campus before enrollment ?

    Your Response is highly appreciable


  10. Perhaps you might know by now, but, as of this morning the EVN application seems to be working.
  11. that was just the issue with cic site. i have now successfully applied for OCWP. if you are still having problem with that it is again issue with the site . sometimes it works and some times dont. so keep on trying. i wish all of you a good luck !!!!
  12. Hello,

    Please help me out, I am new on this forum. I have applied for an off campus work permit. And in that process, I have successfully received my EVN number on the MyCIC account.

    Now my question is: What should I do after having this EVN number? I can not see any application form loaded on my account. Please let me know which link (and where) I should click on the MyCIC account.

    Please guide me
  13. Before applying for Off campus work permit you were supposed to apply for EVN, when you get your EVN number you apply for Off campus work permit. When you attach the scanned documents to your OCWP application you also have to fill out an application form which is attached to the required documents. In that form you provide your EVN number, after filling everything in the form (signature not required), you validate it and save on your computer, after that you upload your application from your computer (don't scan and print your application in order to upload it, it just have to be saved digitally and then uploaded). If you didn;t provide your EVN number in the application, contact CIC about your problem. They might ask you to revoke your application and apply again. The fee will be refunded if the application was not processed by the officer yet. However, they may suggest another solution of the problem. Hope this helps.
  14. Hi,

    1. Enter EVN on the pre loaded application form (even if the application is for SP renewal). Do not use link on 'EVN Request' information, it won't work.
  15. I would appreciate if somebody could help me,
    A couple of days ago I started applying for EVN number. After I logged in it started asking about my security questions, which I did not remember them at that moment and I tried some guess, but it turned out it locked my account because of that. So my first idea was to revoke this account and create another mycic one after I did that it asked me about my client ID and when I put my client ID it says that
    "You have answered all of your security questions incorrectly. Your account has been locked. You are no longer able to recover you account online"
    which is a great news! I sent an email to questionATcicDOTgcDOTca and requested for their technical help, but it seems they won't respond soon. Yesterday I had a successful interview and I should prepare the work permit ASAP. Does anyone could suggest me an idea of about how to resolve this problem?

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