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My wife's open work permit is in process can she stay on visitor visa


Jan 19, 2020

I am in Canada on ICT work permit. My wife is having the visitor visa and the remaining stay is till March 2020. I applied online open work permit for her but it will take time to process.

Can you please let me know if my wife can stay in Canada till the open work permit application processed as her 6 months stay is going to end on March 2020. I am worried about if she can stay here or not after her visitor 6 months stay expired Or she needs to re-enter before the expiry date of her stay.

Also I checked the article says that open work permit takes longer time like 6-8 months to be processed it that right? if that is the case then how long my wife can stay on visitor visa if open work permit is in process.

Please help what should I do.