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My study visa refused ,please help me to answer the officer questions

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by AMOO20, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. :( :( :(
    Hi everyone here

    I'm a student studying English language , after that i'll take bachelor degree in Business .
    Now I'm in my home-country to visit my parents .I applied to renew my study visa but the officer refused it although I have scholarship ,
    The reasons here :
    You have not satisfied me that you would leave Canada at the end of your stay .In reaching this decision , I considered several factors ,including :
    * purpose of visit .
    * past academic performance and attendance is poor ,which leave me unsatisfied that you are a genuine student visitor to Canada.
    For the last reason ,i really missed many classes because all the time i was sad and thinking of my family because this the first time i travel abroad . But now I remorse . I'll work hard to be better than before ,just i want him give a chance
    How can prove that ? :( :(
    Please help
  2. How do you get a scholarship if you did poor in past academic?
  3. You know my credits were B+ when i got the scholarship in the beginning but because i left my family and it was the first time , I felt lonely and most of the time thinking of them and crying . I am so sensitive . I missed many classes in last semester which affects my results .

    Please help me to find answers for the officer's questions
  4. First,where did you apply?
    Second,how about you show your bank statement?

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