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My offer letter is not generated for humber college

Oct 8, 2018
Dear All,

I have applied on 6th april 2017 for Wireless telecommunication course for Sept 2017 in Humber College...i have logged in to my humber login and status is "No Decision" and in "Do I have missing Requierment" below message is reflecting:
Program Requirement Not Met
Bachelor's Degree, Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Physics, Mathematics, Electrical or Computer Engineering, Electronics, Telecommunications, or an Engineering-Related Field
English Language Proficiency Postgraduate

But i have uploaded all the documents

My Profile:
B.Tech in E.C.E with 78% in 2013 and have work experience for 3 years
IELTS 7.0 overall..with no less than 6 Bands

Please Help..what should i Do?
Same happend with me what you did at that time bro.. i need help


Jun 5, 2019
Hi, I received today my offer letter:)
Hi Jae May, i also applied to humber and got the offer. At my humber the application status is final offer. But Haven't recieved any offer letter with fee structure and all at email. So i wanna know did u received anything through email before confirming the offer?