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My offer letter is not generated for humber college

Discussion in 'Education' started by sahivish, May 1, 2017.

  1. Hi, I received today my offer letter:)
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  2. Thats great congratulations :D
  3. Thankyou, keep positive
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  4. whats the status bro?? i have also applied in humber college and its been a month now.
  5. Hey im sis :p i got loa today from humber :D
  6. I applied for may 19 intake in humber on 4th oct...when they will reply?
  7. Same happend with me what you did at that time bro.. i need help
  8. Hi Jae May, i also applied to humber and got the offer. At my humber the application status is final offer. But Haven't recieved any offer letter with fee structure and all at email. So i wanna know did u received anything through email before confirming the offer?

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