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My offer letter is not generated for humber college

Discussion in 'Education' started by sahivish, May 1, 2017.

  1. Dear All,

    I have applied on 6th april 2017 for Wireless telecommunication course for Sept 2017 in Humber College...i have logged in to my humber login and status is "No Decision" and in "Do I have missing Requierment" below message is reflecting:
    Program Requirement Not Met
    Bachelor's Degree, Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Physics, Mathematics, Electrical or Computer Engineering, Electronics, Telecommunications, or an Engineering-Related Field
    English Language Proficiency Postgraduate

    But i have uploaded all the documents

    My Profile:
    B.Tech in E.C.E with 78% in 2013 and have work experience for 3 years
    IELTS 7.0 overall..with no less than 6 Bands

    Please Help..what should i Do?
  2. Maybe start by contacting Humber as not sure what anyone here can add. You need Humber to clarify the message.
  3. i have mailed to humber..they said processing time is pf 4-6 weeks..but its my 4th week...confused whether they will issue offer letter or not...
  4. exact same problem
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  5. Maybe get worried when you get to the 6th week given as you say they quote 4-6 weeks. Nothing much you can do but wait as they likely have hundreds of offers to manage and only limited resources.
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  6. Hi, do you have any update on it as of now?
  7. yes..got my offer letter

  8. Thanks for your valuable reply sir..

    My another query is my present course would be completed in may 2018..so can i take project management PG course in may 2018?..I mean in same month...or should i go for sept 2018 course then ....because if there is gap between two courses then i will not able to get 3 year PGWP and for 1 year PG course i will get 1 Year PGWP..Please reply.
  9. Congrats bro. Can you please post your profile
    and the time it took to be processed?
  10. Try to contact humber instead coz im having the same problem
  11. congratulations :) i also applied in humber for january intake on 17th april.. still waiting for offer letter
  12. How's your application status this time?
  13. no decision :(
  14. Think positive dear :)
  15. yeah yeah :)

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