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My Grand Grandfather was Canadian - How do I get Canadian Citizenship

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by R0cket, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Hi Canadians and Wannabe Canadians,

    First a little History Lesson:

    My Grand Grandfather Immigrated to Canada around 1880 and lived there for more than 30 years. He was naturalized during that time and then returned to India with his Canadian passport around 1910 and Married my Grand Grandmother and stayed there for the rest of his years.

    After that my Grandmother and her sisters and brothers were born.

    Now My Question:

    Is my Grandmother Canadian citizen, because she was born to a Canadian Citizen? She was Born 1922 I think. And Furthermore is my Mother also a Canadian Citizen, and consequently can I apply for a canadian Passport by beeing of Canadian descent?

    I googled a few days long and as far as I understood the nationality law, the canadian law was that way that the citizenship was obtained indefinatley by the descendants of canadian citizens. I know that the Government has passed laws in 1977 to avoid that and that second generations born abroad do not get citizenship anymore.

    But My Mother was born in 1950, so that was before these laws were introduced, so that does not apply to my mother. Now that Law does apply to me becouse I was Born in 1980. But according to the course of law as I understand it, my Mother has to be considered a canadian citizen. And I am to be considered the first generation born to a canadian mother outside of canda.

    Does that mean that My Grandmother, Mother and me have a right to be considered canadian citizens?

    BTW: As a proof of My Grandfathers Citizenship My Family only has his canadian Passport, that he used to go back to India. Is that enough as a proof for the Canadian Embassy? Of course they will require our Birth Certificates, but we have them too.

    I hope someon can give a helpfull answer to this complicated questions. I have only recently been on vacation to canda and have fallen in love with canadas nature. We now live in Europe and are European citizens. I would love to get a third passport. ;-)
  2. Hi

    Yes the law now applies to you, you are actually 3rd generation born abroad and have no claim to citizenship, you mother would have been second generation born abroad and as of 17/04/09 has no claim to citizenship. See: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/citizenship/rules-citizenship.asp


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