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Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by vishalpatil@siib.ac.in, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Below are my notes from the visa officer for my visitor visa application that was refused and below are the comments from the visa officer in my case

    Notes 1:

    Text:person(s)/institution(s) I will visit/Personne/Etablissement que je visierai: Name / Nom: SHRIKANT DESHMUKH Address in Canada: 1870, ALEXANDER AVENUE, WINNIPEG, MANITOBA-R2R 0G7, CANADA. Relationship: FAMILY FRIEND

    Notes 2:

    Text: Name of Application changed: Old Value(s): PATIL, VISHAL BHANUDAS, 1986/08/31, Male, AURANGABAD,India, New Value(s) PATIL, VISHAL BHANUDAS, 1986/08/31, Male, AURANGABAD, MAHARASHTRA, India.

    Notes 3:

    Text: Married 30 year old male seeking to travel alone to visit family friend for 2 weeks
    Previously travelled to the UK ITR for 2016-2017 showing income of 3 lacs ($6k CAD) Personal savings are showing 4.8 lacs ($9k CAD) No clear why applicant would travel such great length at such high cost for a short 2 week visit. I am not satisfied applicant is a BF visitor who will depart at the end of his authorized stay.
  2. they are giving the same reason to all even to students
    that they are not banafied
    even i dont know how to prove our self that we are bonafied
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    Hello Vishal - Wt was the refusal reason mentioned in the refusal letter ,as it happened with my cousin as well rejected - 2 showing all the required docs ? and how did you apply online or paper from India ?

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