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My Daughter - Passport


Jul 21, 2009
Here's my situation. I've met someone in Russia. We are going to marry as soon as my divorce is finalized. I am 36. She is 30. The docotor told her that we should not wait if we want to have children due to reason related to her health. My divorce would have been finzlised in June, however, the judge rejected it on the grounds that I should pay $450 a month to my ex, instead of $400. So this is caused a delay of 2 months or more, really a pain in the but. Anyway, our daughter is due to be born August 15, but of course, she will be born out of wedlock. I am in Canada my fiancee is in Russia and I will not be able to be there for the birth of my daughter due to government beaurocracy. However, she is my daughter and she will be born in Russia. I want to get my daughter a Canadian passport as soon as she is born. How do I do this? If my daughter has a Canadian passport, to which she is entitled, I will only have to complete the paperwork for my fiancee.

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Nov 19, 2008
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april the 4th 2009
You can apply at the canadian embassy in russia for your daughters passport, however u do need to apply at the same time for a certificate of Canadian citizenship for her. They will issue a temporary passport valid for 1 year or 2. The citizenship certificate though can take several months.


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Nov 15, 2008
If you can't go to Russia you can do it in Canada as well. You just need her birth certificate and translated and authorised from the appropriate ministry. You are best to contact the Canadian Embassy in Russia to see what they need and then complete it all in Canada. You can also get her a temporary passport as thefairy said but this is only after you have applied for the certificate of citizenship.