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My brother was misguided

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by SGI, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. You need to put where he actually is. If you don't know his status, put Unknown.
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    There is no way to put Unknown.
    In EE there is drop down menu with no option to write something from myself.
    I need to pick the country from the list under Country of residence(The note says that the person MUST be in this country legally).
  3. Please give an advise :)

    There is no information on the whole forum about this and I think many people are in the similar situation looking for answers.

    I appreciate your assistance!
  4. If you don't need to actually select his status, then just put his country of residence, regardless of his status.
  5. But what is his country if residence if he is just staying illegally in Europe and living in one or another country there? I have no idea how often he moves from one place or another within countries in EU.
  6. It won't affect your app. If you are worried, include a letter of explanation.
  7. Thanks!

    So I just pick up any country in Europe he is more likely to live in and select it in my application?

    Or better to put his home country where his permanent resident is and his own house?

    That is my question :)
  8. You need to put where he is. As you don't know, include a letter of explanation stating that.
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  9. Agree. You or your family must have an idea of where he is. Likely he is one of a few countries like Germany, UK, etc. Does he not have email or whatsapp?
  10. Sometimes family doesn’t communicate for many different reasons and people not always responsible so they can disappear for 6 months with no communication etc.
  11. You should at least try.
  12. I tried.
  13. I say just explain it in LOE and dont overthink it too much

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