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my application become non routine

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by gregmah, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. Refrain from disclosing the redundant details of your legal trouble other than what directly affects your application (whether or not you were arrested, or if it was considered a felony, and so on) on a public message board to make sure some self-assured people who think they know everything can't make pointless comments on stuff that's none of their business and get on your nerves. Also refrain from dating women who push you over the edge.
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  2. I applied under express entry in november 2015. I had case of domestic assault which i neva did though !! I signed a peace bond in 2013 which is already expired in 2014 now after all verification done like police report, court documents etc. They ask for PCC again which is taking way to long almost 2 months so far acc to RCMP max 120 days they might take for this. I asked for CIC extension they gave me 30 days deadline again expiring this week, what you think they will me extension further or they can reject application ???
  3. In my opinion, you can request another extension from CIC by attached a copy which you sent RCMP.

    Inform the CIC that despite reminder to RCMP you did not receive their response & you will submit it once you receive it. Any crucial correspondence with CIC should be done thru registered mail only.

  4. Wait until you become Pardon eligible. For summary offences, pardon wait time is 3 years from the date you were charged.

    Good thing about being non routine applicant is that whenever you application will be decided which will be around around 2019-2020, you would have received pardon so cheers and make a drink for now
  5. I'm in the same situation as you. I got a peace bond in April 2016. I did RCMP criminal record check since April 2016, and I still wait for the report. I ask for extension, and I also got one month extension. Do you apply for extension again? What did you do?
  6. I had applied for citizenship certificate for my son born outside Canada along with Sponsorship of my Spouse. There were issues with the Sponsorship and case had to be taken to the appeal division and subsequently Court. Finally I won the case. About 7 years back when the file was processed I had applied for Citizenship of my son which remained on hold. Now the PR has been issued to my Spouse last week but nothing is mentioned about my Son . Despite writing to Visa office that both mother and son will be travelling together, there is no response. Can someone suggest a way out because the Confirmation of PR and time to arrive is a time sensitive document. I could not get any status update about the minor child and getting no response or update. What is the best alternative. Any suggestion/option will be appreciated.
  7. I think the above information is not 100% correct because when they asked finger print or non routine it means there is something wrong with the applicant.

    it is same thing happen to my house mate .

  8. Not sure what you mean by "there is something wrong with the applicant." For example, there are no medical qualifications for citizenship.

    If you are referring to criminal or security matters, yes these will typically result in a fingerprint request. Even an arrest but followed by a total dismissal (discharge) can result in a fingerprint request.

    But the fingerprint request itself does not indicate any judgment about the matter triggering the request; take the arrest and total dismissal example again: this can trigger a fingerprint request but does not involve a prohibition, and thus does not preclude the grant of citizenship.

    Moreover, fingerprint requests are sometimes merely to verify or establish the identity of the applicant, with no criminal or security issue involved at all.

    It is always a bad idea to extrapolate definitive conclusions from single examples, but especially so relative to citizenship application processing. This is because there are so many variables and many of the variables are interrelated and also subject to contextual factors (to the extent that a particular factual circumstance in one person's situation can be a positive factor while the precise same factual circumstance in another person's situation, in a different context, can have a negative impact . . . so extrapolating the outcome based on such a fact can be totally wrong).

    In any event, how it goes for one person is little more than an indication of one of the ways, among many, it could possibly go for another; and little more than that can be gleaned from mere individual examples.

    The Peace Bond amply illustrates the vagaries involved, since the underlying circumstances in which a Peace Bond is issued can vary widely. Thus, one person who has been issued a Peace Bond may be ineligible (prohibited) from a grant of citizenship, at least until the terms of the Peace Bond are fully satisfied and there is a total discharge of underlying charges; in another person's situation, the Peace Bond may have zero impact on how the citizenship application process proceeds, no impact at all on eligibility. Thus, just knowing a person is subject to a Peace Bond does not illuminate whether they are eligible, prohibited, or likely to be subject to elevated scrutiny. How it goes will depend on other factors.

    In any event, a fingerprint request in itself, while technically making the application "non-routine," does not necessarily indicate there will be much of a delay let alone there is a problem. But sure, if there is a problem, a fingerprint request is more likely, and how it goes will depend on what that problem is. For example, a still pending charge for an indictable offense, even if pursuant to an arrangement for it to be totally discharged after a specified period of time, constitutes a prohibition and will preclude the grant of citizenship.

  9. Why does he need a pardon when he is not convicted.
  10. your peace bond or probation hasnt expired and u applied citizenship therefore its normal for them to hold atleast 1 yr or atleast date when that date expires.

    have this issue resolved? And got citizenship since this original post date 2014.
  11. Apply for your GCMS notes under ATIP. Only then Can you have a clear picture of the situation. And unless the situation is resolved they will not move forward on this
  12. Have you seen anyone here or outside getting PR for someone getting charged for domestic assault and later withdrawn or after peace bond expiry ?

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