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Multiple online PGWP applications

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by venkatesh jalubula, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Hi,
    I graduated on 06-Sep and applied for my pgwp on 20-Sep. On Nov 28 I called CIC to ask an update the agent said that I have issued 2 UCI numbers , first they have to merge them and then they will process the application. They also said they don't know how long it takes. Frustated, I decided to flag pole.

    However, officer rejected my pgwp but solved my UCI problem. As he did not issued my PGWP I asked him what about my online application. For that he said my application is on hold and reapply. As Dec 05 was last day for my 90 day period with out thinking much I reapplyed.

    I think it's not right to have two applications for a single visa. What are my options now???

    Also, will my border rejection hurt my online application?? He spoke to some one ( may be to the officer who is processing my pgwp application on the phone about 2 UCI numbers. He finally solved the issue). Is there any chance that he might told to reject my online application as he already did that at border???

    Any idea???
  2. What explanation did he give to you for rejecting your PGWP?
    And are you under Implied status? When did your study permit expire?
    I do not think that he told someone to reject your application, that would be arbitrary. And you do not have an application for a Visa, you have two applications for the work permits. Which is not unheard of. People file multiple applications for WP. I have done so, too. Its not an issue. Check with CIC call center or their automated phone line what your status of application is. Or email them to ask about your application status.
  3. Reason of rejecting?? I don't know how to explain, he gave me such a silly reason. I requested my university letter of completion, they emailed me the same with signature of dean. I took print out and showed him. He was like, how can I belive that this is a provided by the university??. There is no university seal. I doubt you just made it your self???.

    I have a TRV and STUDY PERMIT till 2019. However, as 90 day rule, my study permit expired on Dec 05 and I am on implied status right now.

    I called CIC they told me that they have kept a note of having two UCI numbers on 28 Nov so far nothing was done.

    I am so frustated right now. I am suffering because of CICs mistake.
  4. No. It was your reaponsibility to go to border with full documnetarion. This is no judgement but calling it all CIC fault doesn’t cut it.

    Clearly you can work on accumulating original documentation before flagpolling.
    Good luck next time
  5. I contacted the university about the letter and this is what I got back

    Hello Venkatesh,

    I am so sorry that this happened to you, honestly, I have never heard of this being a problem before. We issue that document to all students who are looking to apply for a post-graduate work permit, or for those who are trying to cross the border. As the officer should have noticed, the document is signed by our dean, is a secured file (that you cannot manually change without a password), and is on the University of Alberta's letterhead. It is also sent from a registered ualberta email account.

    I am not sure whether you have that officer's contact information, but I would be happy to chat with them to discuss this issue further.
  6. Go to the office get a printed copy and apply online. You need to calm down a bit.

    Everything will fall into place. Impatience will only hurt your case man.
  7. Hi,
    I can't apply for my pgwp as I am over my 90 days period. The only hope I have is the online application I made on 20-Sep.
  8. Can I go for a appeal if my pgwp is rejected for what ever reason??

    Experts please advise.

  9. If you have included sufficient documentation with your application, it will not be rejected. But if you have additional original documents you can mail it to CIC work permit office in Alberta and ask them to include them in your WP application.
  10. Just curious why u made 2 applications for your pgwp??
  11. I will do it.. Thanks for your suggestion
  12. Sorry to bother you again. If you know the procedure could you describe it briefly.


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