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Multi Entry Visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Keerti Kotecha, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. My sister is visiting from India. They finished their USA and Canada tour. They had only single entry visa for Canada but when they were crossing from US Niagara Falls to Canadian Niagara Falls they asked the officer at Canadian custom about multi entry visa to Canada. Officer told them that they do not need it they can come as many time as they want as long they are in USA and until their ticket expires.

    They went back to US then after month they wanted to visit Canada, they bought the ticket to visit us. They went to Atlanta Georgia airport to board the plane, there they were stopped by Continental Airline were told that they can't go to Canada because they have only single entry Visa. They showed them the letter they received from Canadian consulate about multi entry still Airline would not give them permission to go. What they should have done in this situation. Also what can they do now to get the multi entry visa for Canada?

    It was very disappointing for us and for them because we both were looking forward to the visit. It cost them lot of money, time and frustration.

    I would appreciate you help on this matter.
  2. Hi

    Not much you can do, Continental doesn't understand the Immigration rules and you can't really blame them. They saw a one entry visa that had been used, and since they are responsible for returning refused passengers to the US they didn't want to take the chance. You relatives would have been better off flying to a US airport close to the border, and then taking the bus across. The IOs at the border know that you can re-enter Canada up to date of your original admission to Canada, even if your TRV is expired. That is if you have only traveled to St. Miquelon or the US>

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