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MPNP Skilled Worker In Manitoba

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Singh9345, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. Let share our timelines
    Inland Applicants ( Already In Manitoba )
    Draw# 52 Oct 12th 2018
    Application Submitted: 15th October 2018
    Current Status: Received
    Let share our profiles.
  2. mine:
    Draw 53 - 8th Nov 2018
    Application submitted: 29th Nov 2018
    Status: Received
  3. What is the min score to get MPNP?
    Please suggest
  4. Is it madatory to have family/friend in Manitoba to apply MPNP?
  5. Expressions of Interest from Skilled Worker Overseas candidates will not be considered unless you:
    • have a close relative residing in Manitoba or past education or work experience in Manitoba, at least 6 months of recent experience in an occupation on Manitoba’s In-demand Occupations list. (as stated on their website).
    Manitoba Support
    A Manitoba Supporter is an established resident of the province who is a friend or relative of the applicant and is willing and able to review and endorse the applicant’s plan for settling and finding employment in their destination community. A Manitoba Supporter must be the applicant’s close relative or friend/distant relative. Source: https://www.immigratemanitoba.com/immigrate-to-manitoba/swo/swo-eligibility/
  6. guys, iam in india i dont have any family or friends in manitoba, is there any chance to apply under manitoba regional area category ?
  7. I am preety confuse...

    With CLB 7, bachelor's degree (4 yrs), Age28, 5+ work exp ( job cide 1223) , friend in manitoba,
    Is there any chance to get MPNP
    If yes, what steps I should follow...

    Please advise
  8. Yes there is a chance .Fill an EOI and suit

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