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MPNP Skilled worker in Manitoba draw 45, 45,47 status

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by xplore_me, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. any one had changes in his/her status from Draw 45
    i am still my status received i had submit my file in 09/07/2018.
    whats your status guys
  2. are you inland or outland applicant? same here, still received.
  3. Outland skilled worker overseas and what about yours
  4. Hi, buddy, me two.

    I m Draw 45, uploaded my file 12Jul,2018
    my status: received
  5. Same here status received.
  6. any changes or update?
  7. Still received
  8. Are you still received?
  9. I got Nomination letter
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  10. Hiii congrats
    R u inland or outland applicant ?
    Which draw and date of application ?
  12. When was your work permit expiring ??
  13. hello guyz

    I submitted my EOI today, actually I don't have surname in my passport so I mentioned my given name in given name column and just put full stop (point) in surname column. because I wasn't able to go on next page with blank column. should I worry about it that I will not get LAA because my points are 594 and I am hoping my LAA in next draw.


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