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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by twix96, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. HI Mhersol, IELTS is not necessary anymore since your sister is a teacher here in the Philippines. Just provide the certificate for the "MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION" from your school.

  2. UPDATES!!! GOD is GOOD!

    APPLICATION DATE : August 26, 2011
    AOR : August 27, 2011
    Req for other docs : October 07, 2011
    SPONSOR interview : November 23, 2011
    LOA : January 2, 2012 dated Nov 29,2011

  3. @ ariza - yes, we recieved our LOA at the same time, January 2 around 1030am...thanks GOD! What a sweet surprise with a BANG for new year! When are you planning to send your application kit at NOVA SCOTIA? Are you here in Philippines too?

    twix 96
  4. hi twix96... congratulations... yup, im here in the phils.. as soon as we complete the requirements, we send it to NS.. do you have a facebook account? pls join the MANITOBA BM group.. a very heplful one for those immigrating in Manitoba. i hope to hear many things from you regarding the application at NS.. thanks..
  5. congrats too ariza, yeah I have FB account, but not using it regularly, can you add me sa ym wheng801@yahoo.com , thanks!
  6. Ariza, i just want to ask if all photocopies required need to be certified by notary public?

  7. congratz Twix 96. kame antay pa ma interview sponsor namin sana matawagan na din Godbless
  8. Congrats andso happy that you are granted for approval what I am still awaiting for. thanks for sharing too.

    The best!
  9. oo nga eh.. copies lang nakalagay sa checklist db... tanong ko yung iba cge... saan ka kuha ng NBI?
  10. I got my NBI last July 2011 in Robinson Otis, 30minutes lang there. I will get a new one when I got a chance to file a leave of absence, not possible now since start of the year, hehehe. If you have ym, add me so we can chat, im always online at the office, so we can compare notes, BTW, where in Manitoba ka? I cannot find in FB yung MANITOBA BM GROUP...

  11. I applied online 11/01/2011 , received LOA dated 12/20/2011.
  12. hanapin mo lang yung Manitoba BM... winnipeg destination ko.. i sent you a private message by the way...
  13. hi. iv'e got a question lang po especially to those who received their LOA. this is about the settlement plan 1. there are two questions there asking about my plan on upgrading my job skills & english skills before arriving in manitoba. is it ok to answer "no"? i'm working full time here in the middle east (10hrs/day , 6days/week) so i don't know any means of how can i upgrade my job skills. since i 'm working here in a multi cultural environment, english is our means of communication. but in the settlement plan, you can only explain things if you answer "yes". please help me. thanks a lot & god bless.
  14. Wow, that was FAST.. congrats! Where are you located by the way?
  15. I suggest "YES" since we can upgrade our knowledge through self study and learning from the internet...MPNP is encouraging us to open their website about learning english through internet... hope it helps...

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