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MPNP Draw # 51 (28 sep 2018)

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Azharm100, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. T
    Thanks to everyone who supported me on this platform. I got my nomination today. For everyone waiting, God will surely put a smile on your face.
  2. Congratulations....I also got mine last night. To God be the glory!!!
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  3. Hello Guys. I submitted my application on march 23. How long does it take for MPNP to process application?
  4. Hi Everyone!

    For those of you who are applying/applied on the SWO category, is it required for you to have a job on the in demand list? Or it doesn't matter as long as you reached the required points?
  5. Hello friends ..please clear my doubt ..i am a bsc nurse and i have relatives in mannitoba ..So could i m able to apply under experience of nursing unit administrator or clinical perfusionist?? Anybody know about it or have another idea please share with me..Thanks
  6. Congrats
  7. Congrats
  8. A big congratulations to you.
    Pls i need your guidance. I also had my status changed to information requested and i have replied and uploaded the documents/information they wanted. How should i wait. Did you get procedural fairness letter.
    Pls your quick response will be appreciated. Thank you
  9. DRAW #57
    LAA 31st January 2019
    Submitted 23rd February 2019
    SP2 submitted 28th February 2019
    SP2 AOR 4th May 2019
    Sponsor call *************
    Assessment Complete ***********

    My Timeline guys!

    how long do I wait guys?
  10. Draw 53
    Information requested 18 June 2019;
    MPNP e-mail received 26 June 2019 for clarification and re-upload;
    Replied and uploaded 6 July 2019
    MPNP acknowledgement email 7 July 2019;
    Status as of now: Information Requested
  11. Hii, I have similar case as urs. My mpnp status is information requested from last 16 days. My supporter and me didn't receive any mail. So

    should my supporter directly inquire from from their office about the information they needed? Or

    Should I wait?
  12. Wow...this is taking forever!!! since Nov 2018. Please what was requested from you?
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    You should contact MPNP go to “contact us” on your page, you will see how to go about it.
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  14. Taking forever indeed been in Process since March 21, only to change to Information Requested 18th June.
    Was asked to show proof of relationship with my supporter and I should clarify why I chose my destination and prove what my social and economic impact to the community will be.
  15. Hi Everyone ,
    I Live in winnipeg and was looking to apply for Eoi
    Can anybody tell me that what documents do i need and how can i apply for that.

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