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MPNP Draw 40 for SWO-Express Entry Stream-Selected candidates

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by PSGOD77, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Hi All,

    Those who got LAA in draw 40.
    Lets connect here and try to resolve each other queries.

  2. hi. I have Received LAA on 1st feb. but i dont know anyone in manitoba who can endorse me. I am working with HDFC bank in mumbai and wants to migrate there. Is there any INDIAN who can endorse me in good faith and pave my way there?
  3. What i can understand from your above statement is that you had misinterpreted the information in EOI to Manitoba . It is not possible to get LAA without Manitoba connection. If you had chosen Manitoba connection which you don't have , will be considered as misinterpretation.
    I might be wrong but check with other people who are actively following MNPN draws.
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  4. Yes,Without connection not possible.
  5. Good day.I hope someone can help me.I received an LAA last Feb 1 from draw 40.However when I tried to log in to upload some documents (even until now) it seemed that I am being prompted to make an EOI.I was thinking if I clicked wrong or there is a technical difficulty here.Have you tried logging in already?
  6. Hi, I received LAA on the last draw with my MPNP score of 560 and I am hoping to be invited for Federal Express Entry, 434 CSR. I am not fully decided to decline my LAA but can you advise how to decline as I do not see any buttons/options in MPNP online.
  7. im not really sure but maybe send them an email.
  8. Yes I tried to login.No issues for me
  9. HI All,

    I am filling my full application for MPNP. I select other in my relative details tab.(Brother in law) my sister's husband would be my supporter.
    However when I click on Review and Submit tab,it shows my validation error on relative details tab. and says missing information.
    I have sent an email to them,but no response as of now.

    Could anyone guide me how to handle this case?
  10. from draw 40 here.
  11. Hi There. My Brother and sister-in-law (Primary Candidate) and two children (total 4) are waiting to apply for PR under MPNP and their assessed score is 547 and they have a relive who lives in Manitoba. I have few questions below if you guys can help me:
    1) I want to know whether the score will come down to 547 in future or not?
    2) My brother or sister-in-law both have to give IELTS exam or only primary candidate?
    2) How much money they have to show in their account if they get elected in future?

    Best Regards
  12. 1- i think the point will go down on further draws in the future.
    2- Primary candidate only for MPNP EOI, EE later on will have the IELTS score considered for the spouse, if you will be going via EE stream
    3 - read this http://www.immigratemanitoba.com/immigrate-to-manitoba/general-mpnp-policies/sw-laa/
  13. have you completed the full application? i submitted and paid on 12 Feb
  14. That was quick.I am still gathering my docs.
  15. it says received on the status

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