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MPNP Draw 20 applicants. Please Connect.

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Azharm100, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone. All the applicants from draw number 20, the draw held in August 2016, please connect here for updates and furthur informations. Thanks and Regards.
  2. Everyone but especially draw 20 applicants are most welcome here and i think it is the best way to stay updated. It will help us all in our process.
  3. No one here is from draw 20??
  4. Where is everyone from draw 20??? Is there no one here from draw 20??
  5. Draw 20 applicants please connect here. We need to know about each other and status updates
  6. I'm from draw 20
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  7. hi
    m from 20th draw under MPNP Please add me in your group ---+919876924017
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  8. What is your status now?
  9. I'm from 20, status shows assessment pending. Applied mpnp 22nd September 2016.
  10. From draw 20' applied in September 22, 2016. Shows assessment pending.
  11. I applied in 7th october 2016, only got the confirmation email, not got the file number, file status is submitted.
  12. mine shows information requested. it's 3weeks now
  13. Im from draw 20 too. Status right now is "Assessment Pending".
    It took 6 months for the status to change. Hoping for faster processing time.

    Good luck everyone.
  14. Same here, it took 6 mos to change from status Received to Assessment Pending.

    We'll hope and pray for the best


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