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Moving to toronto in November first week 2017

Discussion in 'Housing' started by piyush_h, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Hello Guys,

    I am creating a new thread for all those Indian's planning to Land at Toronto in November- 2017. The Purpose of this thread is to help each other in the settlement of the new culture, new environment , find the better housing , help in finding the employment or at least survivor job until you find your job. So guys come and join and let's rock the Toronto with each other.

    See you soon there.

  2. Hi I will be moving to Toronto in the 3rd week of Nov. Right now my main concern is housing as I don't have any relative/friend out there. Lemme know if you come across good temporary housing .

  3. Hi Grijesh,

    Even I am looking for the same, searching for a flat on sharing basis for few months as I will be travelling alone.
    Once my wife arrives in Canada, I will move to a separate flat.
    I have searched on kijiji and only option that I can see the most is basement flats, I dont have any idea how that would be.

  4. Have you tried looking in another city other than Toronto? Even if you were Ontario nominee (assumption), you can still live in a different city within the province. Besides, Toronto rental units are pricey (imho).
  5. Hi Stevie,

    I don't have nomination of any province however, I am looking a job in IT to get settled and Toronto is precisely the IT hub that is the reason I am looking here, I wont mind spending the extra penny if its near to my work location.

    Any help here will be appreciated.

  6. May be you can look Long term stay through Airbnb..there are some who lets on month basis
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  7. Sure, I will look for airbnb as well :)

  8. How does one rent a place in Canada(Toronto or nearby)with requirements such as credit history and references? I will moving by the end of the year. I dont have a job as yet and dont know anyone. How are all of u going about it?
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  9. Hi,

    Same is the case with me, I am looking through airbnb and kijiji.

  10. Hi Guys i recommend you to get airbnb for the first 2 weeks to a month so you get to know the city and give some time to find a property.
    All you need is ID, proof of immigration and money for the deposit.
    If you have a job you need 2 months deposit and 10 postdated cheques, unemployed will need 6 months deposit 6 postdated cheques.
    There are always cases where is different.
    If you have any question please PM me.
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  11. Hi, the best thing to do is to go for short term rental, in this way when you land you have time to look for an apartment for rent or even if you want to buy one.
    Short term rental is better then hotels as hotels are very expensive and food is extra no cooking allowed in hotels...

    Short term rental you will have furnished apartment or furnished house with all crockery and furniture all you need to live and cook.

    Honestly I moved to canada and a friend of mine suggested me short term rental and luckily I found irfan who has 2 unit which he use for short term rental both units are elegant and provide quality living. I would say as good as hotel. The first unit is big with four bedrooms and is good for up to 8 ppl and the other unit is a small two bedroom apartment fully furnished and is good for up to 4 ppl, I with my family chose the smaller unit and it had literally everything, the owner is a realtor and he helped me getting a house for myself, for long term rental within the area... the area is the best area in Mississauga... and the owners were so friendly and helped me finding a job and one of the owner has a corporate job who also provided me a reference which was very helpful for my job.

    Again guys, don't rush getting a long term lease right away, go for a short term rental for about 15 days or even a month before signing a long term lease... if you have time you find a great deal as well or even if you plan to buy a house... if you want I can provide the contact details of the two brothers and they provide airport pick up as well
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  12. Piyush once you land its better go for short term rental such as AirBNB, that's what I did, I found this guy irfan and has a very good units and close to all grocery and bus stops, easy access...

    It took me 21 days to find an apartment for my self, but since I was not in a rush I found an apartment according to my needs, it's better to work with a realtor as landlord pays for realtor, we tenant don't pay anything... the owner himself is a realtor...
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    Thanks mahmudp, for promoting us, really appreciate your call...

    Hello All, we have two Units available for short term rental such as AIrBNB, our units are completely furnished and crockery and pans all you need, microwave, stove, fridge and high speed internet, TV with cable, Netflix and amazon prime...

    in Mississauga, ON (Churchill Meadows community). 35 mins drive to Toronto Downtown, easy access to Mississauga Transit and Go stations. Close to major highways,

    We also provide airport pick up service and help you find a house or apartment for your long term lease or if you want to buy.

    We are professionals me and my brother, my brother is full time employed working for a multi national and myself is an engineer, we can give you direction to move forward with your job hunt.

    So yes feel free to contact us
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  14. Hey, can you please share the contact of mr irfan you have mentioned, i am
    Planning to move in dec/jan.

  15. Hey, can u please share your contact info


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