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Moving from ON to Calgary or Edmonton, please advise us.

Discussion in 'Housing' started by moga_PB29, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Anyone moved from Brampton/Mississauga to Calgary/Edmonton cities or had already lived Calgary/Edmonton cities in the past years? We want to permanently move from Brampton/Mississauga to Calgary or Edmonton,(winter low temp does not issue for us, and we do not want to live outside GTA area and Indian community area, or cannot live in small cities) reason why planning to move because in Brampton/Missisuaga cities medium size house price high as compared to same size house in Calgary/EDMONTON cities, high sale tax on Ontario (13 % as compared to Calgary 5 %), high cost of living including house property tax, high car insurance rates in GTA area, high cost of hydro / electricity bills. We both are medical-healthcare professionals, so getting job not issue in Alberta, so what is your advice
  2. I know someone done the exact opposite - moved from Calgary to GTA couple years ago. While housing prices might be high in GTA, food prices is more cheaper than Alberta. Google supermarket chains such Tnt and you will understand.
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  3. Cost of living is still much lower. You won't find a community like in Brampton but I see that a good thing. Canada works better when various cultures live side by side. Given the provincial economy (although better) I would make sure there are health care employment opportunities.
  4. Deciding where to settle initially seems like a never ending decision for me
  5. Best option is to base this on where you think you'll have the easiest chances finding a job / where the best market is for your profession.
  6. There is no perfect place. There are pros and cons to all locations.
  7. I wont be working in my profession initially as i will be preparing for mu dental exams,might work as a dental assistant during that time
  8. Pretty typical for new Canadians and young adults to move a few times even between countries or provinces before hopefully staying in one place for a longer period of time. When it comes to dental jobs large cities in Canada are flooded with dentists. Most have to work for someone else for a while to earn enough to invest in their own practice if that is the goal. There are a large number of foreign-trained dentists in Canada. Apparently most of the dentists in Vancouver are foreign trained. Someone I know that graduated this year is going to Victoria in hopes that there will be more of a need. Other recent grads would like to stay in the GTA but they would likely do better if they left. Same could be said for pharmacists who now make less if they live in the GTA.
  9. Any websites show they are foreign trained? I tried BC dental association, but no luck.
  10. They do get licensed in Canada so they should be capable dentists. If they have a website their training universities are usually listed. Sites like LinkedIn or a basic google search may tell you. I did notice that some listed Canadian dental schools when it seemed like they graduated from the foreign trained education program. Canada wasn't graduating enough dentist for a long time so we needed foreign-trained dentists as long as they had the same training and standards. Enrolment has increased but not quite enough. Dentists are practicing longer though and even more foreign-trained dentists are arriving. The cost of Canadian dental school has become very very expensive and running a dental office has also become very expensive. The rates that dentist charge have also grown like crazy. We are hearing more talk about the high cost of dental care so I think changes may be coming... Hopefully this decade! I know Canadians that have gone to dental schools overseas because they are less expensive, it is less competitive to get in vs Canada and you can get in after high school. Then they either try to get licensed or do the foreign=trained dentist program. The whole thing ends up being less expensive and you graduate in half the time or half the time and a little bit more.
  11. This is longterm,it will take at least around 2 years till i reach that point,best case scenario for me will be practicing as a dental assistant or something similar so for me initially am looking for a province providing good base salaries and not very expensive accomodation rent,toronto is good for me in terms of the many course centers available there but the high living expenses is a concern since i wont be making that much money
  12. Are you a dentist yourself?
  13. No. Despite the dentist I went few years ago is licensed here, she and her team members were not capable to meet my expectations. So I had to see my other dentist during my overseas business trips.
  14. Think you should move whoever you find employment. Given your plan to only work as a dental assistant for a year or 2 many dentists will be reluctant to integrate you into their team and have you leave. I hope your wife will be working as well because it will be difficult to live on one income if you are a dental assistant with a family.
  15. Wait a few years and maybe you will find what you seek when i get my license lol

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