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Moving between provinces and Citizenship application

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by Michal, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Hi there,

    I will be eligible to submit my citizenship application within a month. I'm considering moving from Ontario (Toronto) to B.C (Kelowna) in the coming months. What do you reckon is the best course of action here in terms of getting the citizenship processed smoothly.

    I'm concerned that if I submit my application while still having a Toronto address this might impact the processing of my application as I will need to update my file and the file will need to be sent to a new processing center. Is this a valid concern?

    I have three options here, and would love your weigh in on this:
    1. Apply in Toronto and finish the processing in Toronto (this will impact date I can move to B.C)
    2. Apply in Toronto and change the address while the file is being processed
    3. Apply in B.C (don't think there is a processing center in Kelowna, so it will most likely be processed by Van) with a new address (this will impact my timing on when I can submit the application as I still have to move and get a new address).

    My goal is to have this process done smoothly and in a prompt manner.

    Thanks everyone for your insights!
  2. keep your eligibility period clean. Minimize the amount of addresses in the package that you are sending.
    1. the move is not visible in your 5 period
    2. file an application and move
    3 once you will have received your AOR, update the address so the invites are to the closest location.

    Last but not least, as long as you meet the criteria for citizenship you can do whatever you want. some approach may be easier though.
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  3. Thanks for this. What do you mean by keeping the eligibility period clean?

    I spent full 3 years in Toronto (moved twice).

    Thanks again!
  4. the less lines the better as a rule of thumb but there are no limits. while you have a chance just reduce the number of lines
  5. No worries just go to bc call them to change the adress or do it manually they ll send your application to Vancouver office nothing to worry about but the question is are you moving forever or temporarily because if it’s temporarily you must phone and tell them .
    Good luck

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