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Movers from India to Vancouver - Universal Relocation Scam


Sep 4, 2018
Hi all,

I came to Vancouver in June 2019. When I was in India, I had gotten a quote from Universal relocation. They mentioned that for Canada the shipment through air is only few hundred $ more than sea, so I decided to take their air shipment package. They had also mentioned that for sir shipment they will only use weight, and not volume (used for sea). I packed all my stuff and left in their storage, came here to find job, house etc. Now that it is time to get my shipment, they have changed their price. They are now charging me for weight-volume. They are a big scam, have increased my cost to twice. and this is before I have paid for airport duties, insurance, and all the other random charges they add. They are a big time scam, and I don't recommend anyone using them. Now, all my stuff is in Chennai. Can someone recommend a good relocation compnay in Chennai who can take over and send me my shipment?
What legal action can I take against universal relocation now?

PS -
the Customer service guy named Prabhu Subramaniam from Chennai office is the biggest scammer. he will mislead you, never mention about the volume, and lie to you when giving a quote. I called him and asked him several times, and he blatantly lied that I will be charged on weight alone. he will purposely not give the bill when you are in India, but only send when it is time for delivery, causing additional stress.