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Mother in law TRV from Philippines, do I have a chance?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by joeythecat, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. I am about to apply for my mother in law in the Philippines who does not have a travel history. I will include her business registration and permit papers (in her name), bank account statement (less then $1000 cad in her name) as well as the "Special Power of Attorney" that states that she is the person who needs to make payments and maintain my wife's property back home.

    We will include from my side my and my wifes bank account statements ($100k+ savings), Letter of employment, 2017 taxes NOA, proof of home ownership, letter of invitation, Letter of Support, Representative Submission Letter.

    we had my brother in laws trv approved last year for our wedding. we want my wifes mom here for the birth of our first child in April but we are not stating that. We will be stating the purpose of the trip as that we want her to come to visit and see Canada and where her daughter lives, they haven't seen each other in over 5 years (real).

    Do we have a shot? I was planning on trying this first and if it gets denied to apply for a parent supervisa.

    additional question, if we say she is coming here for 3 weeks and she gets approved for 6 months, can we just book a ticket for 5-6 months stay or will they flag that when she gets here because we only said 3 weeks?
  2. You already know what it takes after going through your brother-in-law’s application, and your post above reflects a well-thought-out application, given your MIL’s circumstances. You’re looking for comfort/assurance, I guess, and no harm in that, since you know that your MIL’s case isn’t typically a guaranteed approval. There’s really nothing else or anything new to add, IMO, as I do believe Bryanna has guided you the best she can. Apply and hope for the best.
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    You may also want to:
    1. Indicate your wife's brothers as family ties to return to

    2. Include 1-2 compelling reasons for her to return to the Philippines with evidence (any family events?)

    3. Include evidence that her business is actively trading + a small explanation on why she cannot stay away from the business for more than 3 weeks + who will manage the business temporarily in her absence.

    4. Include a detailed day-by-day itinerary (including some days just staying at home)

    5. The invitation letter should mention that you would like to gift this holiday to her as appreciation for the sacrifices she made to raise your wife/her siblings. It could be a bit emotional, but nothing OTT. Do search this forum for a sample invitation letter by charmainefrances

    6. Include evidence that she pays for utilities/rent/food, etc = She must return to take care of her family

    7. A copy of your marriage certificate + the invitation letter must be co-signed with your wife

    8. A copy of an overseas travel medical insurance coverage (not mandatory, but it indicates that she has considered emergencies)
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  4. great tips, thanks!!
  5. @Bryanna if we succeed and get a visa based on the 3 week timeline, when we get the visa is there anything stopping us from booking a 3 months trip?
  6. You can book tickets for a 3 months' visit
  7. ok I submitted it yesterday... fingers crossed....
  8. Fingers and toes crossed
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  9. @Bryanna WE GOT THE PASSPORT REQUEST!!!!!!!!! my wife is sooooo happy!!!!!! Thanks so much for all your help over the years, you and @bellaluna have always been there for us with support and suggestions, I really really appreciate it!
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  10. Congrats! ;) From the swift processing time, looks like you soundly convinced the officer. Very well done! Best wishes to your wife as well.
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  11. Absolutely amazing!! So so unbelievable!!

    So very happy for you and your wife. I can only imagine how thrilled your wife is.... she must have cried LOL :):)
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    @Bryanna @bellaluna Looks like my Mother in law got a 10 visa, well its only 8 years because her passport expires in April 2028. On the Canada site it lists:

    Document - Counterfoil
    Status - Your document is valid
    Expiry date - 2028/04/17

    The expiry date is one day before her passport expires, is that normal?

    She hasn't picked up the visa yet, but I would think that if its a visa until her passport expires it will be a multiple entry visa, am I right about this? (they haven't picked it up because they live a 7 hour drive from Manila and are going there on Friday)

    What will she need to show at the point of entry for this visa? I am assuming that I should make her print her return ticket, itinerary, letter of invitation, all of my contact info with a scan of my passport? Do they need to see bank statements or anything?

    Also, in her trips in the coming years does she need a new letter of invitation and all the same info?

    We are so excited that she will be here for the birth of our child, my wife is so relieved and we even booked a professional new born photoshoot that she can take part in so we can have the whole family together, its like a dream come true.
  13. There’s no rule on a hard limit or maximum length that she can stay on a particular TRV (or supervisa) per se...it’s really context + the CBSA decision. Just practice common sense...don’t make it seem like she is trying to live in Canada on a TRV, really. If you really want to put a number to it, in my personal and totally unprofessional opinion, then maybe no more than a total of 3 years on an 8 year TRV, to be on the safe side.

    There is always the parent sponsorship process for PR as well, but yeah, I understand it’s no guarantee because of the lottery system. I admit I’m no expert in this type of application though, so I can’t say yet how/if you guys are eligible.

    That so awesome! So happy for you guys. :)
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  14. Thanks for the quick response. I think she will probably come here for 3-4 months every few years, so about 2-3 years total like you suggested.

    Thanks again for the help and guidance, I really appreciate it, without support from people like you and Bryanna its hard to navigate this system.

    After my wifes Open Permit, PR, brother in laws travel visa, mother in laws travel visa, its like we can breathe now and I don't have to worry about another visa for 8 years hahaha
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