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Montreal office, oath...

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by Siar, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. Dear people from Montreal office,
    Could you share you oath invite letter dates after decision has been made.

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  2. It is nice to have this window open :) i have my test on the 11 July once I am dm i will be following you hahahhaha :) i hope Montreal people will share these experiences
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  3. Montreal office, DM on June 29, waiting for the oath.
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  4. DM since June 15th, waiting for the oath invite.
    Good luck to all of us!!!
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  5. Quick reminder so people update their timelines.
  6. DM since April 5th no ceremony invitation yet
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  7. Had the test on 7th of April, Dm since April 11th and no oath invite yet
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  8. so i believe theres no oath taking schedule yet for Montreal
  9. I'm wondering why it takes so long after DM?
  10. There are two ceremonies on July 13th!
    Also, we are a small size sample on this forum, which is why we don't hear much about oath invite.
    Let's hope that we will get the invites this month!
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  11. Would you mind if you share the source of the info? Thanks :)
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  13. No oath invitation yet!
  14. Me neither.
  15. Me neither.
    And i just noticed they added 2 ceremonies on July 19th and another on August 10th!!
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