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Feb 1, 2015

yes its both economic. My work is cashier 3 weeks and psw- only 4 days. What could be the best reason so they will think it wont be a misrep?
I do not understand anything about hwy you did this so can't suggest, you'll have to come up with something. I had assumed one of these was a spousal sponsorship as that is the forum you posted in.

You're still better off to fix it quickly regardless of how good the explanation is.


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Oct 13, 2014
Hi everyone,

My parter is filling out the citizenship application online and we had an issue with the last lived addresses that has to be filled.

Me and my partner just applied for common law sponsorship 2 months ago and we have a lease agreement starting February 1, 2018.

My partner received his PR in October 30, 2018. For the PR he listed only his old address which happens to be his aunts house ( He lived there from the day he came to Canada until he started living with me). He didn’t update his new address when he applied for PR and he didn’t change his address to new address even on any of his documents or license. Everything was listed for his old address. He changed his address for the documents only in 2019.

So what should he write in the address section now that he is applying for citizenship? Will it cause misrepresentation if he now write that he was living in another address even though he didn’t list that address for his PR application? Please advise