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Meyanui construction group Vancouver

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Sanjita Thapa, Nov 23, 2019.

  1. I got job offer same as posted but from meyauni construction group vancouver.
    Its it fake or original.
    Because they had send me visa applications and work permit application without claiming money.
  2. You need to post the offer here with personal details removed. Generally though construction job offers tend to be fake.
  3. Dear Applicant,

    the recruitment department of Meyanui Construction Group
    Canada,welcomes you once more. We have received and read through your
    reply however we are satisfaction and we like to offer you the
    position of an (Admin Assistant). We also made this decision based on your
    resume and the experience you have gain in this same field .Also, I
    will like to let you know that employees must arrive here in Canada
    before resumption date which is in about a months time because you
    will have to under a three weeks training here once you arrive in
    Canada so that you can have a better understand of your job
    description before you can be diploid as a full time worker here in
    the company. I here by present to you a writing general terms and
    conditions under which you have been employed.

    Our company management is responsible for the following

    Your Canadian work permit

    Your plane ticket to Canada

    Your Canadian residence permit

    Your visa processing cost


    1) SALARY: Salary allocated for this position is $7,500 CAD monthly.
    i) ALLOWANCES: You are entitled to weekly allowance $80 CAD
    exclusive from salary.
    ii) SALARY INCREMENT: You shall have a salary increment at the end
    of the first six months of effective service.

    2) ACCOMMODATION/ ENTERTAINMENT:All applicants are required to take
    care of their accommodation for the first four weeks during the
    training period then the company assist you by paying up to 50% of
    your monthly accommodation rent and bills for the three years. The
    accommodation includes a one room apartment with internet
    facilities,toilet and kitchen fully equipped

    are required to be on your duty from Monday - Friday, taking your duty
    day off on Saturday and Sunday. You will be working on moves depending
    on your choice. You are entitled to work at most 8 hours a day and 48
    hours maximum a week and cannot exceed such working period. Any work
    performed beyond the normal work time shall be due for an overtime
    benefit to be paid at 90$ dollars to 180$ Canadian Dollars (CAD) per

    4) OVERTIME WORK AND COMPENSATION: For any activity carried out
    outside the work time schedule above, you shall be compensated in
    accordance with the labor code.

    5) OBLIGATIONS: You are obliged to do your best at work especially
    during the hours of work.

    6) DURATION OF CONTRACT: The contract will have a duration of three
    years and may be renewed or terminated upon the decision of one or
    both parties with justified reasons

    7) BENEFITS: Employees shall be registered with the company's health
    assurance policy, have a one month trial period upon your arrival at
    the company during which you shall be compensated according to the
    labor code.

    It should be noted that before you can travel to the Canada and resume
    work, you will need some certain documents which are required for your
    free entry and work in Canada. The documents are:

    -Social Security Number (SSN)
    -Migration clearance
    -Work Permit
    -Residential Permit
    -Contract form
    -Employment letter

    So If you agreed to these terms and conditions of the company
    then get to me with the following documents so that we can forward
    them to my boss to start the processing of your traveling documents
    and the payment of your flight to Canada. My boss is also working as
    a diplomat at the Canadian Embassy .
    So processing these documents will take less than1 Week.The
    reason why your documents will be approved within a week is because
    our company has an OEC Overseas Employer’s Contract's which give us
    access to recruit a maximum of 150 applicant form out of Canada and
    easy approval of employment documents including work visa.

    We need the following documents for the processing of your traveling documents.

    1)Full names As on your Passport
    2)Scan copy of passport
    3)Current or origin
    4)Current home address
    5)Current phone number,
    6)Four passport size photos of your self

    These documents must be delivered to me via this Email so that i can
    forward them to our Boss who is over there at the Canadian embassy to
    start the processing of your traveling documents.We shall be very
    happy having you due to your working experience shown on your Cv,

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    A scam there will be no job.

    The clue is the implication ‘the boss is working as a diplomat at the Canadian Embassy’ highly unlikely

    permits take months not just 1 week

    you cannot get a social number without being in Canada and without a permit

    employers do not pay for flights and salary is unrealistic for an admin assistant

    the website only created in the summer has probably been cloned from elsewhere

    do not share copies any documents or pay any money

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